First Word from the Publisher

by Sue Hodgson – 

Every May, with Mother’s Day on the horizon, I think of my mom, who I lost so many years ago. She was tough, but boy, do I miss her every day!
My experience of being a mom has been very different than hers was, and not just because of the different times we raised our families in. My journey through motherhood included navigating the turbulent waters of a divorce over a decade ago. It’s a path that taught me resilience and forced me to grow, while my sole commitment was to my children. Today, as I watch their independent lives flourish, I reflect on the role that divorce played in shaping our family dynamics and perhaps my approach to parenting.

Divorce catapults you into the realm of single parenthood, with so many challenges and uncertainties. Regardless of the pressures involved, my objective was clear: cultivate an environment where my children could thrive emotionally and intellectually. At least I tried my best. I’ve given them as much love, stability and guidance as I could (or as much as they would accept) as they’ve gone from adolescence into adulthood. Letting go has been a poignant lesson for me; I grapple with the bittersweet reality of releasing them into the world, but I realize that true love entails fostering independence, even if it means I miss them every day. It’s exciting to see them make their mark in life, even make mistakes, and chart their own paths toward futures unknown.

Today I’m proud to see how they have both blossomed into amazing individuals. While divorce may have altered the course of our lives, it does not define us; I think that’s the most important lesson. When we weather upheavals in our life, like divorce or bereavement, we learn our strengths. Seismic change can move us toward growth and self discovery. My take on the true essence of motherhood? To nurture, empower, and inspire.

Happy Mothers Day!

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