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First Word from the Publisher

by Sue Hodgson –

Hello 2021, goodbye 2020! We are so glad you’re here!

It’s been over a decade since I bought Seaside, right in the middle of a recession. Ten years of building up our business, and then COVID hit.

I was so excited for 2020 with new ideas and thoughts for our team and before I knew it, everything got squashed. That’s when we had to roll up our sleeves, start thinking positively and figure out how to keep Seaside going. I can’t begin to explain what it took to maintain a print issue, but we did, and we are so grateful for all of our advertisers and partners that supported us.

I’ve often written here about my late friend, Rudi Hoenson, and how he managed to get through being a prisoner of war and came out of it with no bitterness, only gratitude. Many of us getting through the COVID year, I think, will come out of it a different person. At least, I have. It encouraged me to start reading again and I found a timely book called Midnight Library. It explores one woman’s journey, her regrets, and her search for an answer to the ultimate question: What is the best way to live? It really resonated with me. As I read it I had a few tears, and in the end understood why author Matt Haig wrote it during this difficult year we’ve all had.

There is no better place than the Saanich Peninsula and in this issue we bring the community together: celebrating life indoors and out, from our local people to our agricultural land. Whether your love is for food, fashion, home design or the pursuit of adventure, you’ll find it in these 80 pages! And take note of the design tweaks we’ve made for the new year!

Our new Seaside Giveaway launches this issue. A beautiful curated box filled with amazing items from our local shops, given to one lucky person each month. How to play?

Find the image of the box hidden somewhere in this issue.
Visit at the end of every month and win!



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