by Sue Hodgson –

It seems like the first half of 2021 has slipped away quietly while many of us waited to get our vaccination so we could resume some semblance of our pre-2020 lives. There’s relief and comfort knowing that after the second dose we will be able to venture forth with a measure of confidence. As we are now emerging from our own period of pestilence, I’d like to think that in 2021 for all of us here on the Saanich Peninsula, our happy season of warm weather and relaxation has returned, and that we will all gather together feasting and drinking (but not necessarily in that order!).

Now is the time to spend with our family and friends who we’ve isolated ourselves from for too long. It’s also a time to feel pride in having navigated through to this point. If we become more mindful of each moment, I think we’ll appreciate small things in larger ways than we would have, had the pandemic not opened our eyes to all that we have and how easy it is to lose what we might have taken for granted.

In this issue, we have a fabulous lineup of great content. Here’s a teaser of what you’ll find:

Summer Activities – see our Adventure Every Day map (opposite page)

Meet Your Neighbour, May Sam, Tsartlip

First Nation Elder (pg 10)

In the Kitchen – BBQ recipes to fire up your imagination (pg 14)

Behind the Scenes at a farm with an unusual harvest: bugs! (pg 26)

Seaside Homes with water features for every backyard (pg 60)

Take Note – yes, events are happening again! Find out when and where (pg 68)

Happy Seaside reading and send us your letters; we can only get better through hearing and learning from your feedback!

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