First Word from the Publisher – Sue Hodgson

Summer is finally here! We’ve all been anxiously waiting for the temperature to rise, the flowers to bloom and our moods to lighten after what feels like a long schlep through winter. As we continue to navigate through this unprecedented time, I’m so grateful to be able to continue publishing Seaside Magazine for our local community. 

Not only is Seaside the longest published community magazine on the Saanich Peninsula, but we have some of the longest established clients in the area. We know a business can only be as healthy and successful as the community it serves. In order to survive, small businesses today not only have to be innovative, financially sound and forward thinking; they must be flexible too. In these ways Seaside Magazine has evolved and grown over the past decade, staying in step with the rapidly changing economic landscape. As creators of a community magazine our job remains the same. However, we know it is not enough simply to roll out a survey; we must strive to make sure we give our readers the latest intelligence on what’s happening on the Saanich Peninsula: what’s fun, important, creative and worth a look.

In this issue we’ve done just that! You’ll find articles about farming and horses; design trends in both clothes and homes; all the intel on the way that regular summer events are being switched to alternative versions; food and drink ideas for you to try, and of course your favourite sudoku puzzles! You’ll also find your local community’s businesses communicating to you through their advertisements. They want to let you know the ways in which they’ve innovated and are surviving, so make sure you let them know when you’ve “seen it in Seaside.” All this wrapped up in a cover that was just as much fun to photograph as it looks! Our photoshoot at Moses Point was a highlight of my summer so far – a beautiful location and a beautiful family. I’m grateful to photographer Janis Jean for capturing the joyful energy that flows naturally from those boys.

As you sit down and enjoy another issue of Seaside Magazine, please don’t be shy! Send us your letters, ideas and comments and tell us what makes you so proud of living on the Saanich Peninsula.

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