First Word from the Publisher

by Seaside Sue

If there’s such a thing as a “sales gene,” I was definitely born with it. From my earliest days I loved persuading people to buy what I had to sell. First it was lemonade. Then, to what was probably the chagrin of my small neighbourhood, when I was about eight, it was Girl Guide cookies.

My father worked for CIP (Canadian International Paper) and my mother was a traditional stay -at-home mom, raising all four of us. Dad’s company was based out of Montreal, so I’d see him coming and going from trips, suitcase in hand, and I would dream of his adventures on the road. My father worked hard and he kept working no matter what hardships he faced.

I’d like to think I’m similar to my Dad – our shared passion for business, drive to succeed and persistence. My father was a true inspiration to me in many ways. When I look back at my childhood, high school and university years, it’s clear how I can trace the interests and drive that later shaped my professional life. Think about it: if you plan on working 40-hour weeks from age 40 to 65, that’s 90,000 hours of your life at your job. You’d better enjoy it!

As I think about our community, the place I call home; we are so lucky to be surrounded by such a supportive and loving group of people we can call our friends and neighbours. Remember: it’s not about whether you can do it all; it’s about whether you can be happy whatever you’re doing. And then I think to myself and smile; I love my job!

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