by Sue Hodgson –

Now if this photo at Island View Beach doesn’t say summer is coming … I don’t know what does! It’s all thanks to Janis Jean, one of Seaside’s photographers, and Kim Bremner at Good Bones Clothing Co. for the fashion styling!

It’s been a busy few months; as the nights have become lighter and the days longer, there’s so much more to fit in. Firstly, I’d like to take this opportunity to personally announce that I will be taking on the role of Publisher for the Peninsula News Review, and I will remain the Publisher and owner of Seaside Magazine. It’s exciting times for local journalism: readers, contributors and advertisers can look forward to the continued success of Seaside Magazine as an independent publication sharing the people, places and events that make the Saanich Peninsula so special.

We’re all hoping to enjoy a little more freedom soon, especially when the sun is out and the birds are singing. We’re looking forward to a summer where we can catch up with our friends and relatives and continue to pop into those shops, restaurants and pubs we’ve all been eagerly waiting to visit more often. When you’re not busy exploring, shopping and eating, we hope you can take a few minutes for our June issue. We’ve had lots of fun putting this issue together and you’ll see from some of the photos in our Men To Watch, it’s been a busy one. We’re especially loving our friends on the front cover, Greg Michell and his son … a real story of family legacy (pg 16).

“Tell me more, tell me more!” I hear you say. Well, delve into the pages of this issue and find something that tickles your fancy; we have everything from food, flowers and finance to fashion, farms and more. Honestly, the days need to get even longer now!

Photo by Janis Jean Photography. Clothing provided and styled by Good Bones Clothing Co.
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