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First Word with Sue Hodgson

Are you getting into the spirit of giving this summer? Seaside did!

For the fifth year, Seaside Magazine hosted its Taking It To The Street charity event on June 9 at Sidney’s Mary Winspear Centre (see page 10 for story). The focus of the day’s event was to raise funds for Help Fill A Dream Foundation, a charity that ignites hope in the lives of children who face life-threatening conditions by fulfilling their dreams, improving quality of life and assisting their families with care and financial support.

Over the past few months while preparing for the event I had a number of people and friends come up to me and ask why host a charity event when you have such a busy life. On the toughest days I do wonder myself sometimes, but when I meet the children and families we help, it’s all worth it. And now I say: “Why not!”

One thing I’ve learned through this journey is that dreams do have a ripple affect. The impact goes far beyond the dream recipient: it touches family, friends, neighbours and the community as a whole.

When the idea came to me five years ago, nothing could stop me and thankfully I’m still at a point in my career that I’m able to do this. I read once that success isn’t just a reward, it’s a responsibility. Think about it for a minute. Success is not only a way to improve our own lives, but it’s a means of improving the lives of other people by giving back. That’s exactly why I feel so passionate about this event: it’s my time to give back. How great to see a charity event bring together a community of volunteers, passionate hockey players and dedicated sponsors, all for a common cause.

I think any business, no matter how successful, can give back. All it takes is a dash of effort and a dollop of creativity. I think every entrepreneur should answer the question: “Can you make the choice that your happiness will come from the success of others?” with a resounding “Yes!”

As an entrepreneur in our community, I feel very fortunate to work alongside so many remarkable local business owners, and have a job I truly love!



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