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First Word with Sue Hodgson

Just like coming to the end of a wonderful book, the last days of summer make us want to cling to it all the more, as we start to think about what we will miss most about it. Instead of focusing on the looming loss of what is most people’s favourite time (it is surely mine), maybe we could ease our distress by making the best use of what we’ve got, while it’s still around. 

Too often, the here and now get swallowed up by time spent lamenting what has been and fearing what’s to come. A large part of living in the moment is about appreciating the fruits of each season – literally! That’s our focus in many of the articles for our September Culinary Issue, especially on our cover: an abundance of colourful fresh produce and local florals that can be whizzed up in many of your own local recipes. 

Why not take advantage of the cooler days by spending time outdoors and trying your hand at a little foraging, like some of the inspiring and inspired chefs in our Inside the Kitchen feature have done to create their favourite recipes. 

There is something special about visiting local farms in the fall. The root vegetables are at their best, as are cabbage and kale. And don’t forget the fruit! There is nothing like plucking an apple from a tree and eating it right then and there. The apples have taken all summer to get sweet and tender, and now it’s time for picking. 

When I was growing up in the Maritimes we always had a huge garden that we all took turns caring for. I can still taste the fresh cucumber sandwiches, a ritual in our household, and I can distinctly remember hours of picking the tomatoes that would later ripen on the pool table in our basement.

So go and enjoy a truly wonderful fall and don’t forget to pick an apple or that last tomato!



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