First Word with Sue Hodgson

I love the new year: it’s full of optimism and possibility. 

Working on the first issue of Seaside Magazine for the year always fills us with hope and a sense of opportunity, of new beginnings and excitement at what the next 12 months will bring! This could be the year – we tell ourselves – that we could learn to scuba dive, become a street theatre performer, or spend weekends sword fighting or skydiving. And while you might quickly dismiss these as simply wild dreams, there is much that can be done if we make the decision to commit to something! 

For instance, if you throw both body and mind into it and put a positive attitude into action now, you could take part in the Elk Lake Triathlon in August. I just registered and hope to raise funds for Help Fill A Dream Foundation. Think how you will feel crossing the finish line and the fantastic sense of achievement if you’ve raised money for your favourite charity! 

Of course my dream may not be the same as your dream, but the idea is the same – decide to do something and simply work towards making it happen. The sense of accomplishment, whatever challenge you set for yourself and end result you attain, will be well worth all the effort. 

How has 2018 been for you? What will 2019 do for you? These are questions we all quietly ask ourselves as December draws a close. But don’t weigh yourself down with the “ifs” and “buts” of hindsight; now is the chance to seize your fate, throw away those feelings of contempt and relish in the wonder of the unknown. Will you make any resolutions for 2019? I say don’t; they never last anyway! Isn’t it better to be mindful of where we are now, and work toward where we want to be in the future? 

So let’s start 2019 as we endeavor to go on: live better and feel great! Whatever you do, here’s to us all achieving our dreams this year.

Happy New Year!

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