First Word with Sue Hodgson

I recently spoke at a Sidney-by-the-Sea Rotary Club meeting. A considerable sized group of about 60 plus members were in attendance and I was extremely humbled by all the lovely accolades that Seaside Magazine received. On numerous accounts, in some form or fashion, I was asked the question: “How do you do it?” I spoke from the heart and told them: “It’s not just me, it’s all of us, it’s my team!” 

We truly believe that the heart of our success is not about good content, but it’s about providing GREAT content: it always has been. We have proven this consistently, and our readers and advertisers love us for it. They have remained loyal to us, and over the years they have become part of our family too! Really, our community is our family and Seaside is grateful to have become the storyteller for the community. Stories have existed since the dawn of time but it’s the delivery of these ideas and thoughts that should in the end connect us all closer to each other and make our community stronger, and in fact healthier.

Collaboration between my team keeps us true to the stories. When you have a few sets of eyes watching and listening, and acting as a sounding board, you have a better chance for success. There is a lot going on when you have a small team, a lot of details to keep track of – story, context, ad production and design, proofing – our collaboration keeps us on the right track. 

No doubt we are inspired by the stories we find for you, but ultimately our hope is that you are inspired by them as well … not just for a minute, but much more deeply than that. This is why we tell stories: we listen, we learn, rinse and repeat. Then we share these stories, for you, for us, for our whole community. There’s plenty to take inspiration from in this month’s issue including a first glimpse at Sidney’s new Community Safety Building and lots of local mentors in our annual Men to Watch feature.

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