In Fashion – A Breath of Fresh Air in Fashion: How the Industry has Bounced Back and What to Expect for the Season to Come

by Devon Bird, Moden Boutique & Moden Essentials – 

This Summer has approached with the speed and vigour of a snail moving through molasses, yet celebrations, special occasions and connecting with friends and family has commenced undeterred. Shoppers are eagerly searching for the perfect piece to wear to their events that communicates just the right level of exuberance and appropriate gratitude that we can gather and celebrate as we once did.

Many of us have started to Marie Kondo our collection of loungewear and “work from home” casual attire in favour of brighter, bolder, more polished pieces to help us look our best as we reintegrate and find new, or re-establish, our routines. “Dressing up” is no longer saved for special occasions, as simply being out feels a whole lot more special in and of itself.

As much as we assume that the fashion industry always has its eyes to the future, it can sometimes be stuck in the needs of the “now,” and miss the change that is on the horizon. For two seasons, I have witnessed designs become simplified, silhouettes become more relaxed, colours muted, and every brand simply had to come out with their own signature line of loungewear. What the industry minds missed was the public appetite for something fresh!

I wouldn’t dream of wishing away the long-awaited warm weather, but exciting things are on the autumnal horizon, and we could all use something to look forward to. Fall/Winter 2022 is rich with saturated colour, vibrant and vivid patterns, and unique styles that will have you excited to once again get dressed in the morning. It appears our favourite brands have shirked off their desire to play it safe and have brought forward collections that meet this new era of optimism and joyous gratitude.

Rich tones of burgundy and luxurious neutrals of dark chocolate brown are brought to life with pops of fuchsia for a playful combination that dares to be bold and pushes our colour comfort boundaries. Luscious textures of soft corduroy bring a sumptuous and elegant feel to everyday classic silhouettes. Leather (real and faux) is still a wardrobe staple to help bring a streamlined and contrasting cool hand to the depth of texture found in beautiful braided knit sweaters. This is a small taste of the dynamic array of colours, pattern and texture on offer this coming season.

It’s my belief that the fashion of the day is one of our greatest reflections for the current social climate. It is a harbinger of good things to come that we are lusting for a little more “oomph” in our everyday. You can hear it in the shops and on the street. Change is coming, or has perhaps already occurred. We no longer feel compelled to hold on to our nice things for a special occasion or a better day in the future. The coming season and its selection of expressive designs will have you excited to simply head out the door and meet the day.

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