In Fashion – Enhancing Your Natural Beauty

by Saskia Reym, Beauty Specialist | La Boutique – 

With a multitude of eyelash and eyebrow trends out there, it can feel like endless options spoil us. However, I believe all these options allow you to find the beauty treatment that complements you and your lifestyle best!

For example, if you love an au naturel look, an eyelash lift and tint paired with an eyebrow shape and tint would be ideal. An eyelash lift structures your lashes into an upward, curled position and a brown or black tint/dye darkens your natural eyelashes. This treatment can last for up to eight weeks. An eyebrow shape and tint defines your natural brows, using soft or hard wax to remove unwanted hair, then a semi-permanent tint/dye to enhance them, giving them a “your-brows-but-better” look. Both treatments allow you to wake up without mascara, eyebrow products and those dreaded eyelash curlers.

For a more glamorous look, you could opt for a plush volume eyelash extensions set and eyebrow lamination treatment. Volume eyelash extensions create a dark lash line, similar to wearing eyeliner, and gives you way more volume than mascara! The eyebrow lamination, similar to an eyelash lift, structures your eyebrow hairs in an upwards, feathered look, which can even help cover the sparse areas of your brows. These treatments and services are meant to enhance your natural beauty, help you feel your most confident and allow you a few extra minutes of beauty sleep. Who doesn’t want that?!

In the past, beauty was all about specific trends: throwback to everyone wearing too much blush in the 80s, or frosted lip gloss and the barely-there brows of the early-2000s. As someone in the beauty industry myself, I’m elated to see that beauty trends are broader and more flexible these days, allowing you to pick and choose what works best for you. I love seeing women of all ages and backgrounds in my chair, exploring their beauty and seeing how confident they can feel. Not to mention: there is nothing better than coming into a relaxing space, laying down for an hour or two, and walking out feeling better than ever!

If you have ever considered a treatment like any mentioned above, or want to explore the other options available to you, this is your sign!

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