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IN FASHION – How to Prevent and Treat Winter Skin

by Shannon Hall, Anam Cara Spa –

What is winter skin? Winter skin is often dry, dull, flaky, irritated, sensitive and sallow. This happens because we haven’t addressed our summer (leftover) skin! The fall season is so short that by the time winter arrives we are dealing with these issues if we haven’t addressed the seasonal skin changes.

Some of the best ways to prepare your skin for winter is to find products that are both gentle and effective in treating the issues you may be experiencing.

I want to talk to you about the real skin savers besides the usual cleansers and moisturizers out there. Let’s get to the nitty gritty of skincare that will bring you results!

Winter Exfoliation. Dryness indoors and the cold outside can leave some skins vulnerable to sensitivity and dryness. The last thing you feel like doing when your skin is tender is exfoliating, right?

This is why a very gentle, non-abrasive exfoliant is best. Retinol and salicylic acid in a facial oil are leave-on exfoliants that will help to slough off the dead surface skin cells without further irritation. Choosing an exfoliating facial oil will brighten and quench dry skin and allow your moisturizer to better penetrate the skin’s barrier. Natural, oil-based exfoliating serums will give you the winter skin support you need. Find that winter glow without the redness! Dermalogica Retinol Clearing Oil is a winter skin saviour and addresses hormonal breakouts.

Masking in the Winter. Give your skin a hydrating boost with a winter facial mask once a week. They are now available for all skin concerns. The water from a hydrating mask penetrates deep into the epidermis and will deliver moisture into the skin to help it feel soft and soothed. When the skin holds moisture, it plumps up! Fine lines, dryness and redness are immediately reduced. Dermalogica Hydro Masque Exfoliant is one example of a mask that delivers a 2-in-1 solution to winter skin.

Serums. In the winter, we have an opportunity to really brighten and hydrate the skin with serums that can be used to address hyperpigmentation, all while saturating the skin with dewy, silky, natural ingredients! Why wait until your skin develops patches of eczema that you cannot moisturize away?

Serums will soak into the skin to provide extra protection during the colder season. They will plump up sad skin, brighten sallow skin and hydrate dry, aging skin. Serums are the best winter skin weapon to have on your bathroom counter. Dermalogica Biolumin C Serum and Skin Hydrating Booster are some of my favorite winter skin treats!

All seasons affect our skin in different ways, but winter is one of the harshest. Nourishing your skin and body with quality ingredients will keep it radiant, protected and healthy.

Book a seasonal skin treatment with your esthetician this winter; spa-cations are a wonderful way to pamper yourself if you won’t be getting away. Make a commitment this year to taking care of your skin. Winter is a beautiful time to begin!



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