In Fashion – It’s Time to “Fall” in Love with Your Hair!

by Kat Lacoursiere, Haven Spa at the Sidney Pier Hotel – 

With summer winding down to its inevitable close, we look forward to the cozy embrace of the fall/winter season. Don’t let the cooler weather and shorter days fool you: this is also an amazing time to shake up your look with a fresh style. From warm, lived-in colour to modern re-imaginings of classic shapes for cuts that keep an emphasis on easy styling and maintenance, the flexibility of fall 2022 trends make it easier than ever to feel your best in the second half of the year.

Chocolate, cinnamon, coffee, latté – words associated with autumn favourites are also keywords for colour trends going into the season. While shifts toward deeper, richer colour for the cooler months is a yearly staple, there is heavy emphasis this year on warm tones: think golds and coppers, along with rich-toned browns. These tones bring dimension to richer shades that serve as a perfect coupling for the lower maintenance, lived-in colour techniques that have been a mainstay the last few seasons.

The infinitely customizable template of balayage highlights and colour melting is a fantastic way to present the fall colour palette, creating as much or as little dimension as desired with the added benefit of not requiring nearly as much upkeep long term; the ability to create soft melted colour utilizing shadow roots and highlighting to create custom colour that works with your lifestyle while staying on trend will be a tool in your stylist’s belt that shows no sign of slowing in popularity.

Ease of maintenance without compromising style is also a continued trend in cutting, taking advantage of the simple polish of curtain bangs and long layered looks that lend themselves beautifully to replicating the effortlessly glamorous volume of the 90s. Each of these trends are easy to style, and their movement and texture will be an amazing base for simple holiday styling come winter, allowing for the look of complexity with minimal effort.

On the somewhat flip side of the low maintenance coin, a continued embracing of natural texture remains, with encouragement toward enhancing natural curl, coil and wave another amazing way to polish your look with minimal commitment with the right cut, expert education in product application, and minimal heat styling being key tools.

Soft and effortless will continue to be the buzzwords going into the cooler bottom half of the year, and we love to see it. It has never been easier to stay on trend and try new styles and colours with so much control over how much or how little commitment you want to invest in its maintenance and care, made all the easier by finding the right stylist that understands your needs.

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