In Fashion – Keep Calm & Carry-On

by Laura McLarty, Flush Bathroom & Travel Essentials – 

Travelling soon? Like most modern travellers, you’re probably concerned with checking a bag and would rather be packing your essentials in a carry-on. (Smart move.)

Between rising baggage fees and rising baggage losses, it seems like the best way to go. The trick is maximizing your carry-on space so you never have to check a bag again!

A big way to save space is to cut down on gaps within your packed items. Stuff those shoes! Fill them with socks, cables, chargers … and consider investing in super lightweight packing cubes. Simply roll your clothing items and pack them into the cubes. They compress your clothes to make it much easier to fit more in your bag and they keep it organized. When you arrive at your accommodation, you can simply place the cubes in a drawer and easily grab what you need every day.

It’s a good idea to consider double-duty cosmetics. Try a shampoo bar and ditch the heavier liquids. You can use it as an all-over body bar. Solid toiletries are a great way to reduce the hassle of the airline liquids rule; you can even get solid toothpaste and sunscreen these days!

For the liquids you just can’t leave behind, use refillable, silicone bottles that are leak proof and lightweight.

Wear your heavy clothes on the plane and pack lightweight, versatile clothing that can be worn in layers. Always consider packing fewer clothes; ditch the ones you would only wear once during your trip.

Don’t forget: you can always do laundry! Utilize a laundry service or pack laundry soap that is available in small, lightweight sheets.

Choose your bags wisely. Opt for a carry-on on wheels that is lightweight to begin with – it will be nice and easy to manage.
In most cases, an airline will allow you to bring one carry-on bag and one personal item which can be a tote, laptop, small duffel or backpack. Make the most of your personal item and go as big as you can.

Packing small is great – it’s the perfect opportunity to bring only what is necessary.

Pack smart and travel happy!

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