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INSIDE OUT – 5 Ways Alternative Therapies Can Complement Western Medicine

by Susie Stockham, Core Conciousness –

For many people, the past 14 months have forced some reflection. From staying at home more, spending time alone and taking honest inventory of our outer and inner environments, it has been a collective invitation for people to further get to know themselves on even deeper levels. For many this chapter has not been an easy one, and increasing anxiety and mental health numbers are validating this. With changed medical office policies and procedures now firmly in place, more people are turning to alternative health or complementary health therapies, for extra assistance and support.

Here are five reasons alternative therapies can complement the mainstream medical system and offer some extra peace and calm.

1) Body, mind, soul approach. Alternative therapists are usually deeply passionate about their modality. Many bring a different style and perspective than the mainstream medical path, targeting specific areas for healing with concentrated results. A greater scope of healing often occurs as a beautiful by-product, by finding other areas or layers of release; for example; emotional connections which link to your physical triggers, allowing for shifts and healing on different levels.

2) Time spent with you. One-on-one connection is validating. Allowing one to be seen, heard and felt can be a powerful adjunct to human healing and especially important to mental well-being. Choosing an alternative therapist does not replace medical care but can offer a beautiful complement to it. Time spent on meaningful person-to-person connection invites a place of possibility where many people feel more empowered and willing to participate in their own growth and healing.

3) Choosing YOU (choosing your self care). It is powerful to choose practises to assist you with the everyday stresses. Most alternative health practises have many added benefits all of which include stress reduction and improved sleep on their list of personal advantages. Personal allowance can positively influence healing and assist with many ailments, including mindset and personal worth.

4) Added personal value. You will often receive more than you pay for in terms of value from alternative therapies. Along with the physical advantages of feeling good in the body, many therapists also share resources – added tools you can use following your session(s) which can stimulate personal power adding extra value to the physical benefits.

5) Intuitive connection. Alternative therapies can also be very intuitively guided if you choose to be open. This allows the body to receive and heal from a place of greater awareness. When self awareness is recognized and increased, one can receive a more rounded personal wellness where body, mind and soul are in closer alignment.

Alternative therapy is a safe personal invitation to feel better in your body.
Especially during insecure and stressful times where loneliness, anxieties and lack of connection is at an all-time high, it is possible for everyone to find alternative options to nurture and maintain a healthy connection with themselves.



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