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INSIDE OUT – Emotional Immunity

by Maximilian Waid, Energy Medicine with Maximilian –

In the face of this transformative period taking place around the globe, immune health has taken centre stage for many of us. From increasing our workout regimes and cleaning up our diets to adding additional supplements and sleeping an extra hour each night, we are focusing more and more on our health, particularly our immune health.

As we realize the importance of our immune system, it becomes imperative to point out that this system is more than just a physical entity within each of us, protecting and healing us. As much as we are made up of a body, mind and soul, so is our immune system part of our physiology, how we think and what we feel. Nothing within us works in isolation: it is all an intricately connected union. For our immune system, this means that it’s not merely a question of how well we eat, exercise, supplement and sleep to keep it strong. It is also a matter of how much we actively liberate this essential system inside of us from negative thinking patterns, suppressed emotions, unresolved trauma and beliefs that no longer serve us. In other words, now that we are taking better care of our physical immunity, it is time to look towards our emotional immunity as well.

How can we accomplish that? The answer lies within the common denominator that our trauma, beliefs, emotions and thoughts share. Stress! Whether the nature of our stress is physical, mental, emotional or even spiritual, it all impacts our being – including our immune system. That is, when we experience a stressor, such as fear itself, we involuntarily move into the “fight or flight or freeze” state, a primordial response to keep us safe from danger. This might entail you standing your ground and fighting, escaping the imminent situation or simply going into hiding. We all share this natural, protective response. However, nature intended for us to remain in such a state for very short periods of time, yet nowadays our fearful thinking, unregulated emotions and negative beliefs can keep us in this state continuously. As a result, our organism shifts its life-sustaining energy away from supporting regular body functions to keeping us alert of danger and increasing muscle tension. In the particular case of our immune system, this leaves us unable to respond appropriately to pathogens and viral infections. All due to insufficient amounts of energy. Simply put, we become vulnerable.

And how do we strengthen ourselves in the face of vulnerability? By turning inwards and allowing ourselves to feel our suppressed emotions, reflect upon our negative beliefs and explore our hidden trauma. It is through these actions that we can finally process all that which has been stuck and repressed within us. It is by facing our own fears and darkness that we can let go for good, so that we no longer burden ourselves and our immune system with destructive thinking patterns, feelings and beliefs. We achieve a state of liberation from all stressors resulting in our organism and our immune system functioning autonomously and naturally again. It is right here where our emotional immunity lies.

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