Last Word from the Editor-in-Chief

by Allison Smith – 

The other day, I was heading home from Sidney, turning south onto the Pat Bay Highway from Beacon. While waiting at the light, I noticed a motorcycle parked just outside of the merge lane. Beside it, a man (presumably the rider) had spread his jacket on the ground and stretched out on top of it. One arm was feeding some sort of snack into his mouth and the other, closest to the busy highway, was flung out casually, thumb pointed hopefully into the air. Cars whizzed by him but he seemed unbothered. It was an odd place to stop; it looked like he’d had a breakdown or run out of gas. But, rather than get upset, the rider had taken the opportunity to have a bite and decided to make the best of the situation while he awaited a solution.

A few months ago I was diagnosed with a condition that, had it been caught later, would have the potential to be much more serious. I chose a drastic “plan of attack” and the people I told were quite concerned about me. But from the outset, I honestly didn’t worry. Without consciously deciding to feel this way, all I could think was how lucky I was! I felt kind of like that guy at the side of the road – making the best of a bad situation and taking the unexpected break in his journey to rest for a bit, recharge and enjoy the sunshine on his face.

After a short stay in the hospital I was home, relatively pain-free, and with some time off. A seven-year-old, home to take care of and full-time job don’t leave a lot of room for “me time” or unscheduled breaks. And while this “break” was definitely unexpected, it did allow me the chance to take some time to breathe, to rest and to appreciate the many thoughtful friends and family who stepped forward to take care of me and share their well wishes. And with summer, finally, on the horizon, I may even be able to enjoy sunshine on my face someday soon.

Photo by Janis Jean Photography. Clothing provided and styled by Butik Naturals. For more, visit #103 – 2506 Beacon Avenue in Sidney

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