Last Word from the Editorial Director

by Deborah Rogers –

The crazy cold temperatures over the holidays, then heavy snow in the first week of January have had a galvanizing effect on me! I found 2021 a drag: I just couldn’t get motivated to plan or put in any effort beyond the bare essentials. But the weather-enforced hibernation was clearly the rest I needed.

Externally nothing much has changed yet in 2022. We still don’t know how much longer COVID-19 is going to govern our lives, but right now I feel excited about the year to come. My goals are pretty minimal – increase my running, read widely, write more – but my will is there. I’m ordering books from the library, making run commitments with friends and jotting down story ideas in a new notebook.

I think I spent much of last year focusing on all the things I couldn’t do, instead of what I could.

When I read through the articles gathered for this issue of Seaside Magazine I noticed how, despite not being commissioned around a theme, so many tap into my current mindset.

This month I encourage you to take time to allow your mind to wander, and perhaps get inspired by some of the suggestions in these pages. There are new things to do and try in every part of your life. Obvious ones like a new hiking route, or a recipe; but also new concepts like Container Homes, or growing a garden on your windowsill. Expand your knowledge about Smart Homes or Art Therapy. 2022 could be the year you are moved to try Latin dancing, or to join a book club or a choir.

And if you’re having a week where it all feels too much, well remember that it’s OK to be gentle with yourself too. Maybe that’s the time to take your inspiration from our Screen Scene column and cozy up with a good rom com!

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