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I have enjoyed reading your magazine regularly since transplanting to Sidney four years ago. But, I have to say that your September edition was simply excellent from cover to cover! The range of topics, the focus on locality and professionalism of everything from photo layouts to individual journalistic flavour and focus of each article was simply impeccable!

Nice work – in a time where as a reader it becomes easier to simply distance one’s self from the ongoing bombardment of national and international stories describing a world gone askew and adrift from common sense – it was awesome to feel that sanity can and will survive!
Michael Poyntz

You have a fabulous looking cake on the front cover [September 2020 issue] and I am wondering if the person(s) who created it can pass on the recipe. If not, can someone tell me where I can buy this yummy looking dessert?
Cheryl Dick

**Editor’s Note: Want the recipe? Email

Because I am 84 years old, I found Dr. Schauch’s article “How to Practise Being Present” (The Natural Path, October issue) positive food for thought. Like many other people my age I spend far too much time dwelling on the past and worrying about the future – neither of which exist now. I have to keep reminding myself that we have only here and now to control our lives. Thank you for publishing the reminder!
Sylvia Preto

Thanks for the great magazine. We love it!
Kathy Demchuk

Thanks for a thoughtful, well written issue of the magazine (October 2020).
Carol Whitehouse

Hello. Somewhat belatedly having read the responses to your article in the August magazine [“A Small Step Toward Reconciliation” by Brian Case], here is my feedback. Good on you!

For myself, as a senior, whose only goal is to keep the grey matter engaged which I am doing for free thanks to VIU, and living on the Peninsula with four First Nations communities I am educating myself about our neighbours. I have just started a course offered via Zoom entitled Contact to Colonialism. I’ve only completed two modules right now and the course goes till just before Christmas, but it is already building on the last course I took, Social and Cultural Anthropology, so I know this course will continue to be very enlightening.
Brenda Harfield



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