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ON DESIGN – Bringing the Outdoors In

by Wendy White, Trudi Jones Interiors –

Here on our Pacific West Coast, hints of spring are already surfacing – white snowdrops, mini daffodils, crocuses and fresh buds on trees seem to have appeared overnight.

Although we are still a little ways off from spring, this brings about a desire to cast off the feeling of hibernation and with that, what a perfect time to think about bringing the outdoors in to our homes and living spaces.

Here are a few simple ways to do this:

Colour accents – replace toss cushions, throws, area rugs, artwork and accents with vivid colour. If your décor tends towards monochromatic, add some pops of bright colour such as poppy red, celery green, peacock blue or vivid orange – jewel tones are current and on display in many shops. If you have a more brilliant colour scheme already, think about introducing a complementary colour.

Paint is by far the most economical way to make a BIG impact and a great way to bring those natural, beautiful colours present in the sky, ocean, forest and landscape indoors. Farrow & Ball’s new paint collection, “Colour by Nature,” introduces paint colours like Verdigris Green (also known as tail of small long-tailed green parrot) or Dutch Orange (crest of golden crested wren).

Benjamin Moore Colour Trends 2020 brings new shades that echo the outdoors. Have a look at Thunder, First Light, Blue Danube and White Heron.

Thought about using a peel and stick wall mural? They are beautiful and inexpensive. They are easily removable and can be reused, so if you want to change the location or remove it there’s no problem. Winter trees and the bamboo forests can truly give the feeling of being outside as well as adding interest and depth to a room. Have fun!

Plants, plants, plants! In this climate many outdoor plants can be transferred indoors successfully. If you are not up to the maintenance of indoor plants, self-watering containers are a great idea. Locate pots of early tulips and daffodils just outside the door on balconies and patios so they can be enjoyed from the inside. Don’t forget the hummingbirds. Fill up the feeder so little energetic birds can be enjoyed from the indoors. They may get brave and approach your windows to look inside and say hi and thanks!

Furnishings and finishes can be made of natural stone and wood and if planning a renovation, consider adding these elements around the fireplace or on the floors. For special dinners or occasions decorate with flowers, branches, shells and other “found-outdoors” elements.

We enjoy our outdoor living spaces here on the coast, as they are extensions of indoor living. It’s a pleasure to look out onto an outdoor patio, or perhaps sit around an outdoor fireplace with cozy blankets and chairs. Don’t forget a little herb garden close at hand to the kitchen to collect fresh herbs while cooking that delicious dish. Many herbs survive the winters here outdoors but the more delicate herbs like basil can be moved indoors for the winter.

I hope these ideas inspire thoughts of spring, moving the outdoors in, and the indoors out. Enjoy!

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