On Design – Interior Trends 2022

by Tracey Jones, Remarkable Interiors – 

I hesitate to use the word “trend” because I am a firm believer in the opposite of trend … classic and comfortable never go out of style! But as we emerge from two years of living/working/schooling at home, now more than ever people are seeking ways to create beautiful cozy spaces that also function well. Here are a few things we see becoming more prominent in our homes.

Vintage. Vintage is making a comeback, pairing beautifully with new. Not only is shopping vintage an efficient and sustainable option, it adds important personality to a space. Vintage pieces reflect history and ensure a unique and humble beauty that are only found in the worn weathered and incomplete.This is all about seeing flaws as an asset. And a wonderful reminder for all of us – imperfection is a beautiful thing.

Cozy. Continuing on with natural materials and natural tones that give us a feeling of comfort and coziness, we are seeing a shift away from fast décor (just like fast fashion) and now aiming for longevity and timelessness. Neutral and natural never goes out of style and creates a peaceful environment – something we need now more than ever. Woods, earth elements and natural surfaces … from flooring to décor, nature and “real” take centre stage but in a quiet way.

Biophilic design. The focus on green hues for 2022 can be attributed to nature-based designs. The love of caring and tending for indoor plants exploded in 2020/2021 and we will see this become a standard design staple, whether the goal is to bring nature inside or to simply freshen the home with natural tones.

To note, the paint colours of the year for 2022 from two major paint companies are both green hues: Benjamin Moore CC 550 October Mist and Sherwin Williams SW 9130 Evergreen Fog.

Work From Home. We are seeing inviting and inspiring spaces with high functionality. The home office has taken on a whole new meaning. This is no longer a closed door, neglected after thought space!

Finding the perfect balance of comfort, functionality and aesthetics is the main task when decorating a home office, and the ability to provide this balance is welcome news in the run-up to 2022. When technology and style can marry seamlessly, that’s a beautiful thing! Take time to prioritize the needs of your work from home space. Think: work surface, seating, virtual meeting backdrops. The criteria by which you can determine your correct design choice are very simple – it is your desire to work, and a feeling of complete harmony with the space around you.

Textured Fabrics. This goes hand in hand with all of the above … texture is king for creating a layered, inviting space. Cozy textured natural fabric not only feels amazing but looks gorgeous. Bouclé, velvets, sherpa and nubbly linens on sofas, chairs, pillows and in drapery. Layer them all! Think of buying locally-made artisan pillows instead of those mass produced to create a unique look. Add a fun and useful ottoman in a soft bouclé.

As we head into 2022, we’ve forgone polished for functional, and collected instead of store-bought. The message? Homes that are real rather than resembling an untouched show space.

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