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On Design – 2020 Design Trends

by Jude Barkley – Hook & Hook Designs –

With 2020 fast approaching, new design trends are hitting the market just in time for the New Year. And never was it more obvious than at the High Point Market in North Carolina.

The High Point Market is the largest home furnishings industry trade show in the world, with over 10 million square feet, and 2,000 exhibitors throughout a total of 180 buildings. The Market is open to the trade only … offering designers and retailers the perfect venue for buying furniture, lighting, rugs and accessories for their showrooms. After spending five days at the market last month, we’re excited for 2020 and what that means for our clients.

Here’s a few design trends we discovered at the Fall Market:

WALLPAPER. Yes … wallpaper is still making a comeback, but not just any wallpaper will do.
• Watercolor inspired designs that offer an artistic approach and become works of art on their own.
• Over-scaled floral prints taken from yester-years and transformed into a beautiful design punch for any space.
• Tell a story with murals. If you’re looking for a piece of art for your feature wall…consider wallpaper murals. You’ll achieve the look and feel of a hand painted mural, without the time and expense of hiring a muralist.

COLOUR. Black is back! Truthfully, it never went away. However, we’re seeing black pop up on some unlikely surfaces.
• You’ll see matte black everywhere in 2020 and one of the more noted surfaces is millworks. Look for black baseboards, crown mouldings and window trim to see how classic it looks and feels.
• Feature walls trimmed out with MDF (less expensive than wood) and painted black add depth and sophistication to a master bedroom or living room. If you’re really looking to make a statement, introduce black into your cabinetry. Whether it’s a custom piece of millwork in your kitchen or a custom-made fireplace/entertainment unit, black is stunning in any room.
• Moving into 2020 we’ll see less grey and more earth tones. Taupe and soft natural browns for a zen-like experiences, paired with light warm greys, will dominate our senses.

LIGHTING. Hanging out and lighting the way for the New Year is simplicity, for a more casual look and feel.
• Geometric shapes are popping up everywhere and light fixtures are no exception.
• Industrial light fixtures are becoming more refined, leaving the heavy black metal behind and featuring slimmer, cleaner lines.
• Wicker is alive and well! From traditional, to boho, wicker is very versatile and plays well with any style.

TILE Boldly patterned backsplashes!
• Many of us prefer white cabinets, neutral floors and clean (very little, if any patterns), no fuss counter tops. So why not incorporate a lively backsplash, with bold patterns and color. After all, the backsplash is the kitchen’s feature wall.

METAL. Metals are going to continue to be all over the place in 2020.
• Mixing silver, gold, copper, brass and black metal is a good thing, with one rule to abide by: mix no more than two to three different metals. For example; black light fixtures, black hardware and gold faucets. Or gold hardware, black faucets and gold and black light fixtures. The main thing to remember is to strike a balance. Less is more.

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