Open Shelf Styling Three Ways

by Tracey Jones,  Remarkable Interiors – 

By using a simple styling recipe you can easily create (and change up!) the look of your open shelves in any room. These kitchen shelves all have a simple recipe.

• books
• a framed art piece
• greenery and / or floral
• both high and low decorative options on each shelf
• metal or ceramics in the same tone but different shapes create a colour triangle
• layers from back to front
• wood options to soften the look
• optional ingredients: dinnerware, mugs, framed photos, collectibles, candles

• start at the top and work your way down the shelves
• layer in the large pieces first and add in small bits as needed
• create peaks and valleys (hi/lo principle)
• step back to adjust décor and see what configuration is most pleasing – add or delete as necessary
• less is usually more – keep some air space around your pieces

Modern Black and Wood. Keeping it simple and clean with contrasting black on white for a more modern curated look. The wood softens the look and using a wood riser is a great way to add height.

Traditional. Mixing in gold with the white and adding traditional floral keeps the look simple and pretty and would work in any space.

Farmhouse/Cottage. A fuller look with more décor works well with modern farmhouse or cottage styles. This is always a little more free flowing but still sticks to the same recipe.

Recipe notes: Mix and match with your décor style and colours! Make it useful (everyday dinnerware at hand!) Have fun – it’s your home and your style!

** Décor pieces for styling provided by local online home decor shop TLC at Home
( Styling by Tracey Jones, Remarkable Interiors.

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