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by Sheila Molloy –

Reay Creek Park runs along a creek that originates both on the east side of the Victoria International Airport and the northeast slope of Mount Newton and drains into Bazan Bay near Sidney.

It is named for gold mining brothers William and Charles Reay, who settled on an acreage around the creek in 1875.

It features walking trails, benches, a stream, forested canopy, bird watching, dog walking or just a quiet stroll. What makes this environmentally sensitive area particularly special is that it has been carefully restored through the hard work of thousands of volunteer hours.


There are a few starting points along the main trail.

From Canora turn onto Northbrook Drive then Wesbrook Drive. There is good parking along the residential road with two choices to start: one just past Odlum Place, and the other a little further down but before you turn onto Eastbrook Drive.

Alternatively, from Canora turn onto Frost Street to the end. There are fewer residential parking spots here.

All of these paths will intersect at the junction at Reay Creek pond which presents options to wander, but the path forward follows the creek.
The trail through the park takes you along the tranquil stream, under a canopy of tall trees, over well-maintained bridges, and past a variety riparian vegetation, interesting mushrooms and many, many birds.

The trail eventually crosses over Summergate Village Road where there is a large green sign describing the important restoration work that has and is still being done.

A little further on, the trail will fork with a log ladder easy uphill climb to your left or a smooth downhill path following the creek to your right. Both choices lead you to different ends of Peter Grant Park off-leash dog area.

Things to Note
• This short walk (maybe 800 metres one way) is approachable for most
fitness levels.
• The trail is narrow in spots and can be muddy in low-lying places, so be
sure to look ahead for others as you navigate your Covid-distancing.
• There is a bathroom and parking at Rotary Park on Chipmunk Court
which is off Canora/ East Sooke Road.
• There are no drinking water sources along the trail, so come prepared.
• Garbage bins are available off Wesbrook Drive.



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