Outdoor Dining 3 Ways

by Hayley Jackson, Viane Designs & Styling – 

There really isn’t anything better than summer on the West Coast. After such a long cold spring with so much rain, it’s nice to finally be able to host outside and enjoy your patio space! Sitting outside and enjoying the scenery with friends or family is something we once took for granted, but I intend to soak up every moment now. Whether hosting a tea party and dusting off that gorgeous China tea set that hasn’t been used in a while, doing brunch with your besties, or having a swanky happy hour, have fun with creating the vibe you want with your décor!

In this brunch setting I played around with colour and mismatched patterns, and mixed the dishware and utensils for a more boho inspired vibe. I used potted botanicals for the arrangements, and a mix of materials – like wood trays, natural linen, cement, and glass elements – for more visual interest which created a laid-back, eclectic vibe.

In this modern happy hour setting, I used a monotone colour palette with just a pop of colour. Using one standout colour creates an eye-catching visual moment. I mixed black-and-white patterns to draw the eye around the table. Rounded-edged plates and sculptural vases that I got for this shoot from The Housse continue the flow and help to set the scene and soften visual lines.

In this classic tea party table setting I used linen napkins from Nest & Nook Housewares, a linen tablecloth and mixed white vases with my vintage tea set. To add a natural element, I used eucalyptus for the arrangements for a more relaxed feel to contrast something so proper.

Creating an inviting atmosphere doesn’t have to be overwhelming: use what you have and shop around. Pick up a couple of bunches of flowers from a farmstand or use what’s growing in your garden. Visit one of the Peninsula’s great home décor boutiques for some lovely finds or use what you have at home. Do your best and don’t be afraid to get creative and design a setting that makes your outdoor dining experience your happy place.

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