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Parkland Secondary: Innovative, Inspiring & Inclusive

Parkland Secondary is excited about our innovative technology programs that are creating new experiences and opportunities for our students. From coding, to computer hardware, virtual reality, drones, computer-aided design, marine science technology, 3D printing, astronomy, technology clubs and many more practical applications of technology, Parkland is preparing our students for many opportunities ahead!

The entire Parkland community has been working hard to build innovative programs and classes that will prepare students for 21st Century opportunities. Our Parent Advisory Council (PAC) has been incredibly supportive of all of our activities. Parkland students are very enthusiastic to utilize new technology as part of their learning and preparation for post-secondary opportunities.

All around Parkland, we are surrounded by innovative industries, such as aerospace manufacturers, simulation systems, virtual reality companies, marine technology development, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping and web production houses. We hope to connect our students with opportunities to work in and support these new industries as cutting-edge employees who will help drive this whole region forward.

Some of the most exciting initiatives around technology and innovation at Parkland involve new classes we are creating and offering to students. Web 2.0 is a class focused on teaching students a wide spectrum of technology skills, including both component hardware and software programming. We also offer an electronics and technology class which teaches students to build devices, practice circuit building, soldering, and programming robots to compete against each other. Parkland offers a drafting course, automotive technology courses, new woodwork and metal work equipment and Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines to support students in the trades.

Another way we are building interest around technology at Parkland is to create new clubs that help students develop interests and exposure to engaging technology. Our technology club teaches students how to maintain computers and how to assemble and configure the newest components. We have regular get-togethers to play games and test out our newest builds, while creating a social support network.

Parkland is acquiring resources to support innovative technologies and their use in the classroom. We are building a new high-end Virtual Reality (VR) computer that students from all subject areas can use and implement to explore digital environments and resources. Parkland’s biology classes can tour through the human body’s systems through immersive videos while the art class creates three-dimensional digital art. We are also purchasing a drone, a small, autonomous, remote controlled flying vehicle that will be available to students to teach elements of our new curriculum: coding, drone development, media support and to gain proficiency operating these new technology tools.

Parkland is preparing students for a technological future through all these innovations. If you would like to know more, you can always come and check us out during our open house on February 8, 2018, as well as reach out to our principal, Lizanne Chicanot ( or our teacher-librarian, Aaron Mueller ( We are an innovative, inspiring and inclusive community that is striving to best prepare our students for the exciting future around us, working and developing new skills for industries in our community.

Authored by the Journalism 12 class with photo credit to the Digital Media class.



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