Screen Scene – Clarkson’s Farm: The Perfect Summer Watch

by Tabatha Golat – 

Though I can hear cows from my backyard, I’d be a liar if I claimed to have any real farming experience or exposure. Save for a summer spent on my aunt’s farm in my childhood, I am embarrassingly unaware of the trials and tribulations of the farming community. Despite this, I find myself pleasantly enamored with the British docu-series Clarkson’s Farm. The show, which documents Jeremy Clarkson’s attempt at running a 1,000-acre farm in the Cotswolds, England, is a perfectly balanced blend of educational content and curmudgeonly humour. With the recent release of season three on Amazon Prime Video, Clarkson’s Farm has cemented itself as a hit on the streaming platform.

Jeremy Clarkson is best known for the show Top Gear which reviews motor vehicles, so it’s no surprise when, in the opening episode, Clarkson defiantly purchases a massive Lamborghini tractor despite the advice of his farm management advisor, Charle Ireland. This is just the beginning of Clarkson’s hare-brained ideas as he attempts to farm his land with no prior experience. Though, to be honest, he is very good at driving that tractor.

The docuseries has been acclaimed by active farmers for its portrayal of the farming industry and the work Clarkson has done to raise awareness of the difficulties of farming in the U.K. Culturally relevant and hilarious, each episode focuses on a different element of farming the land. From buying sheep to navigating the pandemic and everything in between, this delightful series is the perfect watch for the summer.

Clarkson’s Farm also showcases the beauty of the British countryside while highlighting the very people who work so tirelessly to provide food for the masses. The series is surprisingly touching while still showing the realities of farm life. The third season opens with a warning: “Everything that could go wrong has gone wrong.” From drought to flooding, to the war in Ukraine, to fights with the council and heartbreak, prepare for a rollercoaster of emotions and entertainment.

Clarkson’s candid and often humorous approach to farming, combined with the practical insights from his team, provides a refreshing and engaging look at an industry that is often overlooked. His witty banter and self-deprecating humour add a wholesome charm to the series, making it as entertaining as it is informative. If you are looking for other recommendations of amazing docuseries, check out my list below:
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