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Seaside’s 4th Annual Pet Photo Contest: Our Top Five Reader Submissions


Thank you for the many entries! It was a tough job narrowing it down to our five winners. To view more visit

DEXTER & GWEN by Annette De Wandel
My name is Dexter, I’m a nine-year-old brindle whippet and Gwen is a Bengal; she’s nine as well. We both found our families in the summer of 2008. Sometimes months pass between our visits, but we always pick up right where we left off because that’s what best friends do.

PAYA by Vivian Mah
I’m Paya, a pied peach-faced lovebird, age eight, with colors of a papaya. I love baths, first showing off my wings, splash until I’m soaked, then preen to make myself handsome again. I’m very affectionate, lovable, and even poop on command! Mom and I both say “kiss, kiss” to show how much we love each other.

MYA & NOOTKA by Taylor Daly
My name is Nootka and I am eight years old. I was rescued as a pup by a loving family. I think I am a Thai Ridgeback Terrier, but as a rescue dog I’m not sure. Mya loves cuddling with me after bath time and I love  it too!

SQUIRT by Gord Rufh
I was born on Strawberry Island in Tofino, B.C. My zest for life consists primarily of four things: eating; fetching balls, sticks, stones, pennies or anything else I can get my paws on; visiting the beach or dog park; and manipulating my human authorities into obtaining whatever it is I want at any given moment in time. It’s been a ruff life! (wink wink).

BEAU by Cydney Bushby
My name is Beau, and I’m told I am a snowshoe Siamese which apparently is a CAT! I personally find this hard to believe, as there is absolutely nothing “catish” about me. I love to talk, get muddy, dirty and rarely bathe, for that IS for pussy-cats.








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