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The Natural Path – Your Mental Well-Being During Social Distancing

by Dr. Marita Schauch, ND, Tall Tree Integrated Health Centre –

There is no other way to slice it: these are challenging times for us all. Though you may be physically okay, many of us are struggling with our emotional and mental well-being in an unprecedented global climate. Here’s what you can do to stay well while social distancing:

Take Your Vitamins. If you stocked up on mainly shelf-stable food items, you may be missing some vitamins you’d usually be getting from fresh foods. A good multivitamin is a good addition to keep you feeling at your best. 

Go into Nature. Getting out in nature – “forest bathing” – or even viewing images of nature reduces anger, fear, and stress and uplifts your mood. 

Dance. Dancing reduces stress hormone levels and increases endorphins. Many artists are live-streaming their concerts online, which is also a fun way to stay connected. Plus, there’s no one to judge you for dancing in your undies (except maybe your family!).

Clean Your Space. Clean out dust and the old unused stuff and make your space a source of peace. You’d be surprised how much your environment affects your mood. 

Reach out to Friends and Family. We are fortunate to live in a time where there are so many options for connecting virtually. Have virtual dinner parties, or watch a movie with friends via video chat. We could come out of this feeling more connected than ever. 

Reach out to Online Counselors and Professionals. If you’re struggling, there are many online counseling services you can use. It’s also worth reaching out to any of your favorite practitioners and seeing if there are any services they can provide you with digitally. 

Take an Online Fitness Class. Many fitness studios are moving their classes online right now, and this is a great way to stay active and continue to support your community. 

Meditate. Meditating actually changes your brain and the way your body responds to stress. Start with as little as five minutes per day and try to meditate first thing in the morning to set the tone for the day. 

Get Clarity. If you’re not able to work, it’s a fantastic opportunity to get clear on your priorities and goals. Daydream, write out action plans and see whether you’re on the right path or being called in another direction. 

Hold Space for Your Emotions. It’s OK to not be OK right now. You don’t need to use this time productively; you can just allow yourself to feel and process the weight of everything that is happening. 

Rest. Many of us are so busy and wound so tight, this is a fantastic opportunity to slow down and take a deep breath, collectively. Sleep in, move slow, forget the schedule, and take this as a much-needed recharge. 

Take care of yourself; take care of your loved ones; take care of strangers. Thank you for staying home. 



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