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Trendspotting: Hot Ways to be Cool for School


by Susi McMillan – 

For All Soles Kids’ Runners starting at $59. Hypersport Activewear. 250.656.6161.

Let Them “PAC” For You! School Supply Shopping Service. Competitive prices. Monk Office.

Cool Fuel! Organic Cotton Lunch Bags. $19.99. Buddies Toys.

Head to Toe Style! Girl: top $69.99; jeans $109.99; shoes $79.99. Boy: top $49.99; jeans $108; shoes $89.99. Cottons & Blues. 250.656.6933. Headphones $27.59.

Under Cover The newest trend for your pencil case. $26.99. Flush Bathroom & Travel Essentials.

Breakfast Culture! Babe’s Honey Farm Raw Honey Kombucha $5.24 – $9.99. Mother Nature’s Market & Deli.

Literally Litterless Lunch $3 – $30 for items as shown.

Ready Set Packed! Jansport Backpack $29.99 – $34.99. Kiddin’ Around. 250.656.1041.



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