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Word on the Street – What Does Mom Want to Hear?

by Lara Gladych –

Seaside Magazine wants to live up to our slogan of being “the voice of the Saanich Peninsula,” so, in every issue, we ask people to answer a question. We’re looking for responses from all ages and across the diverse neighbourhoods that form our community.

We’re celebrating kids this month at Seaside Magazine, and given that we also celebrate Mother’s Day in May, I thought why not embrace both realms and ask children for their thoughts on mothers?

I was graciously welcomed into a local elementary school, where I was able to interview school-aged children who were excited at the opportunity to help me with this piece.

“What words do you think all moms would like to hear, or should hear more often?” was the question I asked these eager youngsters. 

There were so many heartwarming “I love you” responses that I lost count. This wasn’t an answer that was given to impress me or because any child thought it was the “right” thing to say. Their words were sincere and smiley and full of heart.

First up to share their thoughts were three darling seven-year-olds. Zion was the first to respond with “I love you.” Alex thinks that moms would like to hear “please and thank you” more often. Hayley thinks her mom would appreciate hearing “I’ll go get ready while you handle some stuff.” 

Moving along, Emma, 10, would say to her mom: “You’re trying so hard to take care of me.” Her classmate, Cato, also 10, said: “Words they should hear more often are ‘thank you’ and ‘I love you.’ 

“‘I love you to the moon and back’ is what I used to say when I was really little.” For Mother’s Day he would add: “I love you so much, and thank you for raising me and giving me a joyful life.” 

My next group of kids were Fisher and Lucca, both nine, and Ezra, 10. What Lucca would like to say more often to her mom is: “‘You try your best,’ because I know she sometimes feels that we’re bored on the weekend and that she doesn’t plan enough stuff for us to do. Also, ‘You’re a really good mom, and thank you for creating me.'” Words mothers like hearing according to Fisher are: “You’re the best mom. You’re awesome. Go to yoga.” And finally, Ezra decided on “You’re the best.”

Ryan, nine, was part of yet another group of students. He said that moms like hearing “Thank you.” He would like to thank his own mom for signing him up for sports. Lily is 10. Her response was “‘Thank you for everything.’ [My mom] coaches my soccer. Sports, and learning different things, is a big thing for my mom. She helps me through all of it.” Last to share was Ciara, 11. Her mom “works as an anthropologist at UVic, and she lets me get involved with her art class at school, so I thank her for that.” 

I met with three more seven-year-olds. Evie believes that her own mom would like to hear the words “We’re getting along,” making reference to herself and her siblings. “I was a good girl (or boy) today,” and “I’m going to bed on time,” are two more statements she supposes make moms happy in general – though she does add very honestly that she never goes to bed on time. The room resounded with giggles. Eliyanna’s contribution was that moms like hearing “I need a hug,” and “Can I have some snuggles,” with which Gigi concurred.

My last set of interviewees were three young ladies: Lola, nine; Sofie, eight; and Florence, eight. My heart melted with these three. Florence’s response to my question was: “What you would like to say to your mom is ‘Thank you for everything you have given me, and [everywhere you have] driven me, and all the clothes you have bought me.'” What Sofie thinks moms need more of is “more ‘I love yous,’ and ‘You’re the best mom ever,’ and – I guess this relates to the thank you’s: ‘Thank you for all the things you got me – like getting my ears pierced, taking me to the mall, and all that stuff.'” It’s then that Lola came out with a zinger: to her mother she would like to say, “Thank you for making me your child, thank you for wishing for me, thank you for being the best mom ever. Thank you for being really kind, and giving me things, and loving me, and making me really happy.”

I found Griffin, who is nine, doing some special work on his own. He’s the only student I got to interview without the interjection of other children. According to him, what words do moms like to hear that ought to be uttered more often? “I’ll take a bath.” You are a wise young soul, dear Griffin.



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