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  story by Janice Henshaw | photos by www.nuttycake.com –  Why move from Deep Cove to Sidney? “It was time for a change,” said Simon Kirk. “Everyone wants a new home, right?” Simon was tired of spending four hours each Saturday mowing his acreage in Deep Cove, and he was fed up with all the maintenance chores that come with owning an aging wood house. At first, it had been fun, but after a while, it all became rather tedious. “Having a big yard to kick around a soccer ballRead More
by Matt Hall, Wildwood Nursery –  Autumn is an exciting time of year for us in the nursery industry. Our daily mail is full of catalogues from our growers, that are brimming with plants to fill our nurseries with in the spring. It’s also when the new cultivars and varieties of plants, bulbs and seeds are first revealed to our curious eyes. These plants are often the fruits of months (or even years) of horticultural innovation, cultivation, and research and include varieties that may become prevalent players in our futureRead More

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On Design: Dare to Fail, Strive to Learn

by Krista Rossato, id8 Design –  Increasingly, we are a culture obsessed with success, achievement, and mastery. We benchmark our efforts against statistics, letter grades, pay increases, popular media, and more. Yet, our greatest hurdle is our fear of failure. We agonize over failure – we try to avoid it, we doubt ourselves, we protect ourselves, and we constantly question: “What if I fail?” The fear of failure can be paralyzing and it is the biggest obstacle that designers, creators and innovators face. However, innovation is built on the lessonsRead More

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Seaside Homes: A Touch of Drama

  photos by www.nuttycake.com | story by Janice Henshaw –  What makes today’s bathrooms spa-like? Once a room not-to-be-discussed, today’s bathroom can have a showroom quality, designed with art, textures, and remote control devices that open and warm toilet seats, wash, dry, deodorize and play music. At the same time, our kitchens have moved from hidden-away functionality to central “wow” spaces, in which it is common to both cook and entertain guests. To find out how we can revamp our bathrooms and kitchens and introduce a touch of drama, hereRead More
by Colin Eaton, Garden City Tree & Landscape –  Let’s face it: the real estate market in Greater Victoria is hot, but you don’t sell a car without washing it so why would you ever sell your home without ensuring your landscape shows it best? On numerous occasions I have been called in by homeowners or realtors unable to sell a house because of repeated comments made by potential buyers about the state of the landscape. The answer can be as simple as tidying the property, while in other instancesRead More