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by Katie Kroeker, Pacific Ridge Landscapes – We are in the thick of vegetable gardening prime time! Facebook and Instagram are flooded with gardening photos and DIY advice. West Coast Seeds has even downgraded their seed packets in order to expedite their production to meet pandemic demand! Now that your veggies are in and growing their little hearts out, have you ever looked at your raised veggie beds and wondered if they could look a little nicer? Maybe a little less wild and free and a little more elegant?  Read More
by Janice Henshaw – Has there ever been a better time to enjoy our outside grounds and gardens? There is no pressing need to spend hours packing for a big camping trip or making reservations to fly far away. Instead, this summer can be a great time to focus on building or renovating our patios and decks and turning them into a relaxing and fun gathering place for family and friends.  First off are patios; they are a ground-level outside dining or social area that can be made of concrete,Read More
by Uta Nagel, Uta Nagel Interior Design The thought of renovating often causes anxiety and concern among homeowners and property buyers. We fear that alterations will turn into a bottomless pit, that we’ll run into unforeseen problems, or we simply have no idea where to start. Here are a few tips that make the first steps easy!  1. PLANNING. The key to a successful renovation is planning the entire process section by section. The most important question is: What elements need to be considered before you can start the changes?Read More
story by Janice Henshaw | photos by www.nuttycake.com as previously published in May 2016 If you like puzzles, then you know that delightful feeling of satisfaction when the last piece snaps into place and the picture is made whole. Walking into the Lochside home of Sky and Ben gives me that same feeling, only magnified. Every piece has been meticulously planned, crafted and assembled into a home that radiates sophistication, spaciousness and serenity. On the day I visited, the expansive low bank waterfront view was stunning. Two sailboats with billowingRead More
by Chris Sigurdson, Peninsula Landscape Supplies – Always wanted to grow your own veggies but lacking a yard? No problem! Growing veggies in pots is EASY PEASY! Just follow these quick steps.  The most important key to success will be the depth and type of growing medium used. You are going to want at least 12 inches of a light-weight mix consisting of approximately equal parts of compost, peat and perlite. A medium such as this will ensure proper root development, and make nutrients more available to plants.  Your foodRead More