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by Yvonne Bulk – Now that winter is over – and what a winter it was! – it is time to get our hands dirty. It’s still a little early to plant any tender annuals, but let’s talk about some ways you can already get out there. April is a great month to start your vegetable garden as long as the soil is not compact, and water logged. Once you have prepared your soil by removing weeds and applying manure or compost, you can sow cool weather veggies: arugula, broccoli,Read More
story by Janice Henshaw, photo by Bonita Talstra –  Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed? Worn out from getting home from work and trying to fit too many activities into too short a day? Does your partner retreat to their hideout or special room and your kids to the family room with their friends from where they burst out every few minutes asking for snacks or drinks? Does the phone never stop ringing? As every mother knows, even the bathroom may not be a safe refuge. So where do youRead More

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On Design – The Art of Colour

by Janice Long, Calla Design –  One of the reasons I hear people say they love the store is because of the use of colour. I will say that I am a colour afficiondo, but I’m not afraid to use it and recognize the impact it can have in creating an inviting space.  As I look around my store, most of the furniture is actually upholstered in neutrals – the colour comes from the local original art featured on the walls or the “purple” room here in the store. MostRead More
  story by Janice Henshaw | photos by Nunn Other Photography –  The only thing harder than living in your home and struggling with your own renovations is to live in your home while contractors are busy at work, hammering, drilling, sawing and creating drywall dust. Dawn and Charlie are veterans of this process – this is their third renovation in 18 years. For this renovation, they emptied the contents of their Deep Cove house into a storage unit, packed their bags, and moved to The Cedarwood Inn & Suites onRead More

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West Coast Gardener: The Quiet Garden

by Katie Kroeker, Pacific Ridge Landscapes –  Are you looking for a little hideaway? Where silence can surround you, where you can breathe and reflect before life comes rushing in at you? Sounds like it might be time for a serenity garden.  Although, maybe “serenity garden” sounds too much like a cemetery for your taste. What about a meditation garden, zen garden, contemplative garden, prayer garden or even just quiet garden.  Regardless of the name we give it, we are following a millennia-old tradition of setting aside a sacred space inRead More