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by Rosemarie Root, Macdonald Realty –  The importance of a properly staged home is crucial!  You want to highlight your home’s strengths while minimizing its weaknesses, transforming the house so it’s appealing to potential buyers.  Here are a few helpful tips for a great first impression and a top dollar sale. Stage where it counts. Not all rooms are considered equal. Focus your energy and efforts on the rooms with the biggest potential to influence buyers. Living room, master bedroom and kitchen are more important than the basement bathroom. SpendRead More
  story by Janice Henshaw | photography by Marion Every and Nunn Other Photography –  A gorgeous home filled with light, intriguing art, a courtyard for shade, no grass to mow and a fantastic ocean view. Was it the luck of the draw to buy this place or a manifestation of the owners’ desires? Marion Evamy and Bobb Hamilton own the Red Art Gallery, formerly located on Oak Bay Avenue. Now, their beautiful home on Surfside Place in Sidney doubles as their new gallery space. Friends from Oak Bay asked themRead More
by Tracey Jones & Stacey Kaminski –  Our number one question from clients when we first meet is “Why can’t I get my space to look finished?” Our answer is always the same. A home requires not only furniture that fits in terms of scale, colour and style, but more importantly it requires the detailed layers of accessories, art and décor to pull it all together and “feel” right (and done!). The styling can be the most important piece of the puzzle! It’s not about styling “secrets” … we aren’tRead More
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by Matt Hall, Red Feather Horticulture –  Even though the growing season is drawing to a close, there is always plenty of gardening work to be done in the fall. Having gardened through the spring and summer, I find that most of these jobs have become chores to me. That said, there is one task that never fails to excite and that is planting my favorite crop: garlic. Here are some tips to help you grow armfuls of garlic in 2019. Choosing. If you’re starting from scratch, you’ll probably needRead More
by Janice Henshaw – Have you ever seen a kitchen that is so beautiful in design and function that it almost takes your breath away? And when you return home, you look at your kitchen and think, hmmm, where do I start? Is it OK just to change the floor in the kitchen area? Can I repaint the cabinets myself? Would a new countertop add some “pop?” If so, what’s the best choice for my kitchen? I thought it might be fun to invite some experts in kitchen design –Read More