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by Krista Rossato, Registered Interior Designer –  For a long time I used to feel a sense of pride as we hauled numerous recycling bins full of plastic, cardboard, metal and glass out to the curb twice a month. Like so many, we are a family committed to making better environmental choices starting at home. We collect and recycle all our soft plastics, styrofoam, electronics, paint, cooking oil and batteries. We donate clothing, toys and books and we compost religiously. We’ve installed LED light bulbs, have invested in water efficientRead More

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Seaside Homes: Nestled in Nature

  story by Jo Barnes | photos by nuttycake.com It’s a private, peaceful West Coast setting where beautiful Douglas firs and cedars surround you both outside and inside. “We’re trying to bring natural elements into our home,” shares owner Treana Clarke. Situated on the edge of Broadmead is the home of Bruce and Treana Clarke and their two children. With its warm fir flooring and cedar accents, the home eloquently reflects the natural beauty of the neighbourhood. “We live in a park-like setting with lots of vegetation. It’s not aRead More
by Jessica Kwasnica, Seaside Cabinetry & Design –  Why do people take the plunge and renovate their kitchen? It’s a thought that crosses most people’s minds at some point in their lives. How we live, work and use our home has evolved drastically and an outdated kitchen may not serve our needs. Whether it’s time to say goodbye to dated 1970s cabinets, replace that humming fridge, you’re longing for an open floor plan or you need more workspaces, I’ve heard it all. In 13 years I’ve had the pleasure ofRead More
by Alison Coley-Donohue, Meadow Oak Nursery –  It’s easy to get enticed by all the beautiful flowering plants of late spring and summer, as typically that’s when we spend the most time in our yards. We like to reward our senses with colourful flowers and pretty fragrance when we are enjoying the warm, outdoor living seasons. But there are many benefits of planting late winter and early spring flowering shrubs that shouldn’t be overlooked, with lovely fragrance being one of the best rewards. The first group of hardy, evergreen floweringRead More
  story by Janice Henshaw | photos by nuttycake.com –  “I love our home, I wouldn’t sell it for a hundred million dollars, says Mack. “It has everything I ever wanted.” The 4,000-square-foot, South Pender Island waterfront home is built on a peninsula and has its own boat dock. Sided in Beachwood stained shingles, it blends in serenely with the surrounding fir, cedar, and arbutus trees. The low bank, southwest exposure provides close-up ocean views and blazing sunsets. It’s a glorious place to sit and watch playful sea otters, grazingRead More