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by Janice Henshaw – A Tidman Construction project. Photo by Vince Klassen – There’s nothing quite like the smell of barbecued food wafting along on a warm summer breeze. How about adding potluck salads and roast veggies, refreshing drinks, chocolate for dipping strawberries, comfortable chairs and good company – doesn’t that make you want to host a barbecue this weekend? When it comes to the barbecue itself, small charcoal briquette-burning hibachis and kettle-style barbecues have largely disappeared, making way for an incredible choice of gas barbecue grill carts. There areRead More
by Janice Henshaw | photos by Andrew Bradley, Itty Bitty Sign Shop Living in a townhouse has many advantages. In a lovely town like Sidney, local residents can enjoy the energy from the downtown core as well as amazing ocean views – and not have to worry about mowing their lawn. How about a relaxing walk to a nearby restaurant where you can enjoy a delicious dinner followed by a concert, a play, or the theatre? Grocery shopping is also convenient: you can buy fresh seafood, veggies and bakery treatsRead More
by Mike Dunsmuir, Step One Design – The first question I ask clients after I establish what they’d like on the inside of their house, is what they want the outside to look like. Choosing a concept for a home exterior is hugely important, as the exterior style is what most people connect to their dream home. I initially boil down the question to the two ends of the spectrum. Do you want traditional or modern? Most folks can answer without blinking an eye, such as: “I don’t want modern,” orRead More
by Katie Kroeker, Pacific Ridge Landscapes – During my elementary school years in Ontario, my family lived in what most people considered an undesirable area, in a small townhouse across the street from a graveyard where we rode our bikes. It was a dull, unlovely place to live, but my mother changed that. Each spring, Mother’s Day meant the beginning of the gardening season was upon us, and every year, Mum and Dad would come back from the nursery with flats of impatiens to go into the foundation beds thatRead More
story by Janice Henshaw | photos by Vince Klassen Is it possible to transform a BC “Box House” built in the 1970s into a classy, clean-lined family home that is perfect in every way? To make it contemporary, comfortable, full of light and crowned by a private rooftop deck that has an amazing ocean view? Yes, it is! How do you do it? Well, you zipper off the roof, strip the house down to its bones, and throw out the old floor plan. Move the bedrooms to the back ofRead More