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Posted On February 26, 2020By seasideIn Home & Garden, Regulars

ON DESIGN – Bringing the Outdoors In

by Wendy White, Trudi Jones Interiors – Here on our Pacific West Coast, hints of spring are already surfacing – white snowdrops, mini daffodils, crocuses and fresh buds on trees seem to have appeared overnight. Although we are still a little ways off from spring, this brings about a desire to cast off the feeling of hibernation and with that, what a perfect time to think about bringing the outdoors in to our homes and living spaces. Here are a few simple ways to do this: Colour accents – replaceRead More
story by Janice Henshaw, photos by Andrew Bradley, Itty Bitty Sign Shop – What is the best thing to do when your home is looking tired and out-of-date? Put up a “For Sale” sign and move to another home? Ignore the faded colours and saggy furniture and be happy that your bank account doesn’t have to take a hefty hit? Or renovate? This can simply mean a fresh coat of paint, a new couch, fresh flowers and new pillows, or … a major makeover. Susan and Richard had lived inRead More
by Matt Hall – Red Feather Horticulture – One of the most common design requests by our customers is ensuring that they have colour in their garden over the entire year. Thankfully, we live in a gardening climate where we can have 12 months of flowers. That said, some of the winter-flowering perennials and shrubs can leave a lot to be desired once the weather warms and the rest of the garden catches up. One way that we like to soften this effect is by using evergreens that are vibrantlyRead More
by Janice Henshaw – No one can have missed the multi-family housing developments under construction in Sidney and the Peninsula; it seems that the pop of air guns, the ring of hammers and movement of heavy equipment can be heard from almost everywhere. And as with all developments, there are residents who are not happy about it; they would prefer that the lovely small-town feel of Sidney and rural lands of the Peninsula remain undiscovered. They can do just fine without the disruption of construction, view obstructions, road congestion, andRead More
by Janice Henshaw – What makes our living rooms special? Warm, inviting, and welcoming? Yes, yes, of course, it’s your charming and winsome personality! But is there anything better after the chilly blast of a winter walk by the sea than cuddling up on the couch in front of a blazing fire with your family, the one you love, or a really good book? OK, OK, forget about that trip to Hawaii for now – instead let’s talk fireplaces! Open fireplaces are high on the polluting list. They are quiteRead More