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Posted On November 30, 2018By seasideIn Home & Garden, Regulars

On Design – Light Up Your Life

by Tracey Jones & Stacey Kaminski –  It’s here … the most wonderful time of the year! But wait; what? No outside lights up? No giant blow-up Santa in your winter wonderland? If you’re sweating the holiday light chaos, you’re not alone. So many options; so little time! Here’s a rundown of just a snippet of what is available for exterior lighting these days and also some ideas for thinking outside the box (and off the ladder perhaps!) for festive décor that will light up your holiday home. “Old school”Read More
by Matt Hall, Red Feather Horticulture –  For many of us, the holiday season is a time for reflection upon the past year. This introspection may also apply to the successes and failures of the past gardening season. Perhaps it’s even time to draft some New Year’s resolutions in the hope of dragging us into green-thumbed betterment. 1. “I will not impulse buy a plant that I don’t have a place in the garden for.” You’ve bought so many that you secretly think that your collection of potted plants mightRead More
by Dan Adair, Island Savings Brentwood Bay –  It’s hard to turn on the TV nowadays without getting roped into the latest and greatest renovation show. These shows usually leave us with grandiose ideas on how to make our homes look incredible while adding to the value of the home. Although the shows make it look very easy, profitable and quick, they can be anything but. Before you pick up a hammer and a bucket of paint, you should do some research to ensure that the repairs you are undertakingRead More
by Katie Kroeker, Pacific Ridge Landscapes –  It is the nature of landscapes to change and evolve over time. As you reflect over this past season and think ahead to next year’s garden, here is a checklist of design fundamentals to keep in mind. A Plan. The best landscapes are thought out in fine detail, resulting in a welcoming, easy feeling. It becomes evident that everything in it has been arranged with care. A landscape plan will ensure that practicalities are attended to so that the focus can shift toRead More
by Rosemarie Root, Macdonald Realty –  The importance of a properly staged home is crucial!  You want to highlight your home’s strengths while minimizing its weaknesses, transforming the house so it’s appealing to potential buyers.  Here are a few helpful tips for a great first impression and a top dollar sale. Stage where it counts. Not all rooms are considered equal. Focus your energy and efforts on the rooms with the biggest potential to influence buyers. Living room, master bedroom and kitchen are more important than the basement bathroom. SpendRead More