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by Sherrin Griffin, Sidney SeniorCare –  When my husband and I decided not to have children, all of our friends and family members were aghast. “Why not?” they asked with incredulous looks. “You two are perfectly set up for kids!” In their eyes, “set up” meant married, living in a family-friendly neighbourhood with a house, backyard and white picket fence … but their biggest concern was “Who will take care of you when you’re old?” It was a fleeting thought that did occur to me, but seriously, was that aRead More

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Behind the Scenes – Heritage Acres

by Cassidy Nunn – Countless times over the years I’ve driven by it on the Pat Bay Highway. I’ve stared at the impressive trains standing proudly in the field, seen the grassy expanse fill up with polished-until-they-sparkle semi trucks for a truck show, watched the steady flow of traffic drive through the gates at Halloween for the Pumpkin Express, and yet I’d never been to visit. Heritage Acres is “a hidden gem on the Peninsula,” according to John Yardley, President of the Saanich Historical Artifacts Society (SHAS), and I couldn’tRead More
by Stu Rhodes –  We’re not just building houses, we’re building sustainable futures! Saanich School District is launching a revamped version of their Carpentry program this February. The program will be hosted at SD63 Continuing Education School on Mt Newton Cross Road where students will learn the basics of the craft under the tutelage of teacher Brandon Heyer. Brandon brings a wealth of construction experience as well as exemplary teaching skills to this innovative program. Students will spend three days per week learning about carpentry and putting their skills toRead More
by Dr. Kristen Bovee, Peninsula Naturopathic Clinic and Hydrate IV Wellness Centre –  Whether you are a seasoned marathon runner or a novice triathlete, treating your body well is a major determinate of your performance. With athletic event season coming upon us, the following tips can help you train, perform and recover optimally. Get enough restorative sleep. Sleep is an essential part of athletic recovery. It is at night that our rebuilding hormones such as DHEA and growth hormone release at their highest levels of the day. However, it’s necessaryRead More
by Chris Cowland – When people ask me what part of England I’m from, I usually reply “Windsor.” Tens of thousands of overseas visitors flock there every year, it has interesting shops, cobbled streets, the Thames, and of course the famous Castle. But if you look in my passport, it shows my birthplace as Slough. If you think Regina is ugly, just spend an hour in Slough. Famous as the location of the original U.K. series of The Office, it is home to around 850 factories in its industrial TradingRead More