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Can We Talk

Owner / Publisher Sue Hodgson Chats with Stephanie Rundle and Ashley Whitlock, Co-Founders of Crafted Farmhouse Market

What is it? When is it? How did the idea come about?
Crafted Farmhouse Market is a semi-annual unique shopping experience for local vintage and hand made goods. 

We have collaborated with Uptown Victoria, to host the Uptown Winter Market on November 24, and the next Crafted Farmhouse Market will be March 15 and 16, 2019 at The Mary Winspear Centre in Sidney.

We are childhood friends with a shared interest in DIY and supporting local small business. Combining these two passions is really a dream come true for us!

It seems like there has been a resurgence in people wanting to do things themselves like knitting, weaving, furniture restoring – why do you think that is?
There is a sense of accomplishment for the artisans that craft these items. Art in all forms is an excellent way to unwind and find enjoyment in the little things in life. We are so thankful that B.C. has such talented people, willing to share their quality craft items with us. 

Do you find that the exhibitors at the show are one type of person? Mainly women? How do you connect with them all?
We are thrilled to have curators from all walks of life joining us. Often we find that these small businesses are a family endeavour: husbands, wives, children, grandparents and friends all come together to make and promote their unique products. It warms our hearts to find makers at our events connecting with each other, finding friends and continuing to support one another’s business, especially via social media.

What are some of the more unusual skills that you see represented in the “do-it-yourself” community here?
Whether it be carvings such as otters or gaming boards out of locally sourced wood, the resurgence of macrame art, bright and bold artwork or planet saving reusable wax wraps and bags, they are all unique and amazing at their own chosen craft. 

As a visitor to the show, what can I expect to find?
We are committed to having a wide array of goods for shoppers to enjoy. These include: organic and ethically handmade baby clothing; one-of-a-kind crafted toys; repurposed and refinished vintage furniture and home décor; locally sourced farm-to-vase floral artists; handmade by the batch soaps, oils and body products; beautiful Vancouver Island sourced driftwood, iron and salvaged wood turned into furniture, shelving, jewelry and statement art pieces; handcrafted crochet, macrame and organic knits; textured and colourful modern pottery; unique locally designed and crafted jewelry ranging in styles and price points; and quality fashion designs using modern and vintage combinations.

Do you see a specific trend in the crafting world for 2019?
We are all more aware of reusing and recycling these days. We will see more unique ways to save the environment by keeping reusable items out of landfills. 

What allure is there for someone to buy something, whether it’s a bar of soap or a piece of furniture, that is handmade as opposed to made on an assembly line? Why are they willing to pay a more premium price for these handmade items?
You know that when you buy handmade, the maker has put their heart and soul into that item! You are face to face with them, you can ask any questions about the products used or the process and you will have an answer right there and then. More often than not, the prices are comparable or less then box stores for a much higher quality and more thought out item. Don’t forget you are supporting a local family; there is truth to this saying: “when you buy from a small business, an actual person does a little happy dance!”

Craft Fairs are not a new concept; what makes Crafted Farmhouse different?
The experience! From the moment you walk in, you are surrounded with beautiful vintage farmhouse décor and local live music. You can enjoy many options of food trucks, delicious local baked goods and beer on tap while you are shopping our handpicked artisans. 

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