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Easy How Tos To Refresh Any Room

by Jesse Holth – 

With the change of seasons and fewer daylight hours, fall is the perfect opportunity to refresh your home. You’ll be spending more time indoors, and the holidays will be here before you know it – so follow these easy steps, and your rooms will feel new again in no time!

Mix it Up With a New Textile. One of the easiest ways to refresh a room is by adding a new fabric – whether it’s an area rug, some patterned throw pillows, or a couple of bold lampshades.

1. Define your colour scheme – identify the current colours in the room, and stick with complementary shades when choosing a piece.

2. Find your size – looking at an area rug? Make sure you choose a large enough size to fit under at least the front legs of the furniture, and orient the rug with the room (longer side parallel with longer wall).

3. Be bold! Try throw cushions with a modern pattern or vibrant colour – mudcloth, kilim, and indigo shibori fabrics all add a modern aesthetic.

4. Go opposite – have a light coloured couch? Try a dark throw blanket.

5. Play around! There are many rules about home décor, but just as many examples of beautiful rooms that break them.

Chalk Paint A Piece of Furniture. Tired of that hand-me-down hall table? Or maybe your coffee table needs an update … chalk painting is a great way to revive an old piece or add a fresh pop of colour. 

1. Choose your item and paint colour – vintage furniture tends to have darker wood, so try a white or pale pastel to transform it into a modern piece.

2. Remove any hardware or drawers, wash the piece thoroughly with warm soapy water, and prepare to paint – this doesn’t usually require sanding the whole piece, but sand any rough patches you may feel.

3. Use painter’s tape to cover any sections that won’t be painted (like inside the drawers).

4. Apply your first coat of chalk paint, making sure the paint has been mixed/stirred – try to paint with the wood grain where possible.

5. Don’t worry if the paint looks very streaky or you see brushstrokes after the first coat – when this is dry, apply your second coat and it will have a much smoother finish.

6. Once the paint is dry, you can leave it as-is for a clean look or try distressing the corners and edges with sandpaper for a country-chic effect.

7. Don’t forget to top it off with a sealant or wax finish, wiping with a dry cloth to buff the piece.

8. Install your hardware – you can use the original hardware, or choose to upgrade for a more contemporary look.

Revamp Your Light Fixtures. Are your light fixtures looking a little outdated? New fixtures can be pricey, so why not try giving new life to your existing ones! A simple coat of paint can modernize any fixture – try white, for something fresh and airy, or matte black for a more dramatic look.

1. Remove the hardware, if attached to the wall, using a screwdriver or appropriate tool (make sure the electricity/breaker is turned off).

2. Dismantle any loose parts, and wash down with clean, soapy water.

3. Scuff up the hardware with a piece of sandpaper to allow paint to stick.

4. Carefully tape over any parts you don’t want painted, using painter’s tape.

5. Spray several light coats of paint, waiting for each to dry in between – try to spray evenly, to avoid drips (you may wish to start with a coat of metal primer, then paint at least two coats).

6. Don’t forget to spray any small pieces that will be visible, like screw tops – you can punch them into a piece of cardboard to hold them still while spraying the tops.

7. Leave to dry as long as possible (ideally overnight), then hang and admire!



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