Beef 3 Ways

by Jenni Michell, Harvest Rd. | photo by Janis Jean Photography -  Harvest Rd. was built as an outlet to support local growers and business and this goes for the meat as well. All the burgers at Harvest Rd. are made with pasture-raised beef from Michell’s Farm, where I was born and raised. For these

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From the Kitchen – Every Last Drop

by Joan Saunders | photos by Kathryn Alvarez Photography -  This dish had me salivating even before I'd made it. Come on: bacon, prawns, coconut milk and sun-dried tomatoes? These glorious ingredients meld together so wonderfully and, not surprisingly, this recipe has become one of my favourites. What I love about it as well is

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Asparagus Three Ways

by Marcelo Najarro, Executive Chef, 10 Acres at The Pier | photo by Dominic Hall Photography -  Asparagus season runs from late March to June. It can be found at the grocery store all year round, but it’s during these months that asparagus can be sourced locally and when it is most flavourful. Asparagus stands

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