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Posted On July 26, 2019By seasideIn Regulars

What’s the Word? In Terms of Travel

by Jo Barnes – Last time we blazed the word trail in the great outdoors. Today, let’s board the phrase train and explore the world of travel. We’re packing light. The trip will be simple: no first class flight my friend. After all, we’re operating on a shoestring budget. The phrase is thought to originate in the 1800s when early peddlars would sell minor items like small pots or shoelaces to earn a modest sum of money. We’re all set, though, and we’ve definitely got more than shoe laces inRead More

Posted On July 26, 2019By seasideIn Regulars

Globehopping – Yukon Ho!

by Krista Rossato – It was barely winter in Victoria and already the days felt short, the air cool and the dampness permeated to our core. We complained because we were still another two months away before the first signs of spring would start to pop through the soil. As we started to think about a brief escape to cure our winter blues, we jokingly asked: “Why go south when we can go north?” After all, adventure awaits in every direction. Within a few days we booked our trip forRead More
by Jo Barnes – Many years ago living on the Saanich Peninsula required people to draw their sustenance directly from the land upon which they lived. While most of us today rely on grocery markets and at best tend to backyard gardens, there are still those in our community for whom living off the land is a way of life. This is the sixth in a Seaside series featuring local community members who all share the same passion for the land and love of what they do.  He engineered systemsRead More
by Sherrin Griffin, Sidney SeniorCare – Last month, we discussed how lifestyle needs may change as we age, leading to the re-evalution of our living situation. We talked about the option of home support or moving to a well-appointed retirement community or assisted living facility, as well as touched on private-pay vs. subsidized options, including programs such as Independent Living BC (ILBC) and Seniors’ Supportive Housing. According to B.C.’s Seniors’ Advocate, currently in our province almost 95% of seniors live at home, with only a small portion receiving government-subsidized homeRead More
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by David Bremner, d.g.bremner & co. At first glance men might feel a little left out compared to ladies in the accessories market. Not true! Options for men’s accessories today have probably never been better this side of the ’60s!  To start, let’s take a well-groomed man in a great fitting pair of jeans and a nice shirt and let’s take him from zero to 100 in just a few steps. I’m going to assume our guy is already on the wild sock and great belt bandwagon that we’ve beenRead More