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First Word with Sue Hodgson

Nobody said that being a parent is easy, but this month I’ve had to face one of my toughest challenges yet as a mother. And that experience, that could have left me broken, has instead opened up a whole new, wonderful aspect to my relationship with my children. I suppose that I am a “seize the day”, “if life gives you lemons” type of person. Often entrepreneurs are. But as a mom I’m also vulnerable. We devote so much love and hard work to our children; they take so muchRead More
by Sherrin Griffin, VP, Operations, Sidney SeniorCare – I used to joke with my friends that “we’ll be working ’til we drop.” These days, it’s hard enough to make ends meet, let alone put enough funds aside to last through our retirement years. I realize now that it’s no laughing matter. This has become the new normal these days, with many seniors working past age 65 and still very active in the workplace, including my own 81-year-old mother who comes into our office once every two weeks to help out.Read More
by Alistair Mackay, CFP, CLU, CHS – Alistair Mackay Financial Planning – Entrepreneurship and creativity have been at the core of, and driving, our economy for centuries. It can take owners several years to build their venture and often small businesses will have their personal and family finances locked in to that business. Being focused on the day-to-day, owners will often ignore or delay their personal financial planning until they come close to retirement. A core part of financial life planning is to start early and try to balance your personalRead More
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What’s the Word? – Entertaining Expressions

by Jo Barnes – Today, we turn our attention to the world of theatre. To help us is a special guest, the talented Grace La Stage. Thank you my darlings. I always love to be in the limelight. By the way, isn’t that a fascinating little phrase? It goes back to the late 1800s, definitely before my time! While some of you might be thinking citrus fruit or the colour green, it actually relates to a scientific discovery by Sir Goldsworthy Gurney. One day he burned calcium oxide, otherwise knownRead More

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Cowland’s Chronicles – Worst Job Ever

by Chris Cowland – I’ve been an accountant for 44 years, and every April I feel sorry for myself and bemoan my choice of career, until I think back on some of my previous jobs. Student loans were uncommon in England in the 1970s, so I had to work to pay for my university tuition. Building sites were a ready source of short-term employment, and one of the better-paying jobs was to be a “hod carrier.” Bricks had to be carried manually up ladders to the bricklayers perched high onRead More