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by Sue Hodgson – What does living well mean to you? Balancing macros, juicing greens or putting time in at the gym? Or is it being without anxiety about one’s imperfections, learning to improve through failure and pain, and trusting the force of renewal that naturally springs from a softer inner core? Looking and feeling younger is an approximately 60 billion dollar-a-year industry: that’s millions of hormone treatments, plastic surgeries, skin creams, supplements and fitness regimes. As I gracefully age in my 50s, being healthy means the same to meRead More
by Deborah Rogers – “To learn how to feed my family.” “Following my doctor’s recommendation.” “I don’t want to keep buying vegetables, then putting them in the compost!” These were some of the reasons given when participants of a new “Plant-Based Foods” cooking class were asked why they were there. And me? Well, I was there for my February “Day Out!” The rise of interest in plant-based eating has been unmissable in recent years. Many people globally now try for a Veganuary (that’s a vegan January) and whether for diet,Read More
by Ashley Ruffle – Financial Advisor, Edward Jones – As an investor, how can you avoid making mistakes? It’s not always easy, because investing can be full of potential pitfalls. But if you know what the most common mistakes are at different stages of an investor’s life, you may have a better chance of avoiding these costly errors. Let’s take a look at some investment mistakes you’ll want to avoid when you’re young, when you’re in mid-career, when you’re nearing retirement and when you’ve just retired. When you’re young …Read More
by Dr. Kristen Bovee – Peninsula Naturopathic Clinic, Hydrate IV Wellness Centre – Heart disease is often a stereotyped male-centered condition when in fact, it is the number one cause of mortality in Canada in women over 55. Symptoms of heart disease in women can differ significantly than from men. Recent findings from a decade-long study showed blood pressure in women rises earlier and faster than in men, which is a significant risk factor for heart attacks and strokes. Our heart is a hard-working muscle and needs constant oxygen andRead More
by Jesse Holth – It’s everyone’s dream: a single outfit that takes you from the gym, to errands, to a night out, all while looking and feeling great. It’s no wonder that “athleisure” – clothing you can wear during both athletic activities and leisure activities – has become so popular. The recent phenomenon has been dubbed a fashion revolution, and it’s easy to see why: leggings have almost ubiquitously replaced pants; sneakers are no longer just for running; and casual, athletic-inspired streetwear is the new norm. So what athleisure trendsRead More