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First Word with Sue Hodgson

We’re not just about to enter a new year, we’re headed into a whole new decade. The sound of 2020 feels a little surreal to me for some reason. I’ve just returned from a beautiful trip to my other favourite island, Hawaii. This trip not only gave me time to de-stress and relax, it suddenly and unexpectedly made me pause and think: “What do I want to do when I grow up?” At the same time I think to myself: What do you mean; I’m having the time of myRead More

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Trendspotting – Take Good Care

Self-care and becoming your best self are on-trend in the new year. Seaside’s Trendspotter Lara Gladych has found some tools to help you slow down, spend time with loved ones, improve your sleep, eat well and nourish your body, inside and out. Organica Mylk Lattés $20.99. Sidney Natural Foods 250.656.4634 Daniadown Royal European White Goose Down Firm Standard Pillow $199. Sweet Dreams Boutique 250.656.0510 Kuraidori Precision Cooker $129.97. Home Hardware Sidney 250.656.2712 Journal $17.50. Papyrus Cards and Gifts 250.656.1358 Eminence Pure Forest Collection $62 – $84. Haven Spa & SalonRead More
by Shai Thompson, House of Lily Koi – There was a time when age-related fashion dictated the choices we made in our wardrobe. What I now call our original influencers – mothers, grandmothers and teachers – all took a turn drilling into our heads their traditional way of what is “age-appropriate” dressing. No disrespect, but I am about to de-funk that way of thinking. Here is the deal … all day long I hear women saying what they can’t wear. My question is always “why do you feel that way?”Read More
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New & Noteworthy

by Paula Kully – News, changes, updates, launches? Email FOR THE FITNESS FREAKS Time to just do it!There is now no excuse for not joining a gym. Anytime Fitness has recently opened in the former 7-Eleven and is literally open “anytime”. The new 24-hour studio is in a convenient location on the corner of Beacon Avenue and Resthaven Drive. What’s a dojo?Hastings Martial Arts is opening a new dojo (martial arts school) on Mills Road. Owner Cory Hastings has been a member of Puckett’s Noble House of Karate sinceRead More

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From The Kitchen – Back to Basics

by Joan Saunders – When you invite people over, where do they always end up? Of course they congregate in the kitchen; sometimes they also end up in my way, but I try to be a gracious host. I often make vaguely veiled hints (as I’m generally not subtle at all) like: “Why don’t you head into the living room?” Or, “I’ve got an 18 pound turkey here that’s going to end up on the floor if you don’t move over.” But I appreciate the warmth of a kitchen: theRead More