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by Joan Saunders – I buy cookbooks for many reasons, but I’m definitely a sucker for beautiful images. I tell myself that if a new recipe doesn’t turn out exactly as planned, I can always show the family what it is supposed to look like.Lots of my friends have lately been bemoaning the fact that cooking has become more of a chore, and so they’re looking for ways to rekindle some culinary joy. After all, the kitchen is where we’re spending a lot of time right now. Leafing through aRead More
by Debra Lewis – While 2020 hasn’t been what we expected, some things remain unchanged – the cool, wet weather to come, for one. Not only will a new fall coat or jacket be one the biggest investments in your wardrobe, it will also be the first thing other people see for at least a couple of months. Choosing wisely is important – we want a coat or jacket that will keep us warm and dry in a West Coast fall and winter. We also want to purchase something thatRead More
by Dr. Marita Schauch, ND, Tall Tree Integrated, Health Centre – “Yesterday’s the past, tomorrow’s the future, but today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present.”~ Bill Keane A plethora of distractions bombards most of us daily. Whether we’re on our phones scrolling through Instagram, jumping from one app to the next, mulling over regrets from the past or worrying about the future, it can be challenging to stay in the present moment. Not being present has adverse physical effects on the body and our nervous system. WhenRead More

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News, changes, updates, launches? Email by Paula Kully – DYNAMIC DUO These Ladies Had to Go into Business Together!If your last names (maiden) are Hansell & Halkett, you simply have to go into business together! That’s exactly what partners Patricia Pearson and Ashley Stelck have done as they open Hansell & Halkett Vintage Home Décor in the garden courtyard in Sidney. Hansell & Halkett was born out of the love for good quality timeless pieces and a desire to reduce our footprint, while at the same time creating aestheticallyRead More

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by Chris Cowland – Huddled up in quarantine a few months ago reminded me of some childhood memories. Sometimes in life you want to be safe, and alone. I was born shortly after the Second World War, and air raid shelters were a common sight, although by 1952 they had fallen into disuse. The big threat at the time was the Cold War, and when Kennedy faced up to Russia during the Cuba crisis, many people revisited their underground cocoons and started stocking up with cans of food and propaneRead More