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Posted On May 14, 2020By seasideIn Regulars

First Word with Sue Hodgson

Last night I had another video call with my family in the Maritimes to see how they have been holding up during the quarantine. Prior to COVID-19 we didn’t do this all that often, but with a swift turn of events around the world we’ve become like the Brady Bunch opening, where we all appear in those square boxes! We wanted to check in, not just to see if we were all doing OK, but if our children, family members and friends were doing well too.  We all have storiesRead More
by Dr. Marita Schauch, ND, Tall Tree Integrated Health Centre – There is no other way to slice it: these are challenging times for us all. Though you may be physically okay, many of us are struggling with our emotional and mental well-being in an unprecedented global climate. Here’s what you can do to stay well while social distancing: Take Your Vitamins. If you stocked up on mainly shelf-stable food items, you may be missing some vitamins you’d usually be getting from fresh foods. A good multivitamin is a goodRead More
by Chris Cowland – I saw an ad for T-shirts the other day on Facebook. The logo read “Social distancing comes naturally to me. I’m an Accountant.” Well, I hear that all the time from my family and friends, but it’s a little unfair. I went to Save-On-Foods last week, and thought I would wear my mask and be able to shop in total anonymity. It didn’t work. How could anyone recognize me, I thought? I had missed my six-month teeth cleaning and I haven’t had a haircut in ages, soRead More
by Joan Saunders – I am going to freely admit something that may elicit either knowing nods or gasps of dismay: if I had to choose between chocolate and lemon, I would always pick lemon. I know! If you’re passionate about chocolate you might be recoiling in horror, but I do love the tang of citrus and with spring in full bloom, lemon is a vibrant flavour to use in cooking and baking. Spending so much time at home I’ve been cooking meals that I enjoy, that are comforting to meRead More
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by Dr. Robert Farmer, Shoreline Medical – Many have noticed that Shoreline Medical’s Sidney and Brentwood Bay offices are now closed to most in-person patient contact. This is a crucial part of reducing the risk of transmission of COVID-19, which we believe can happen from close contact with an infected person – even one without obvious symptoms. However, by no means does your need for healthcare stop, and we have systems in place to continue your care.  First, we are able to conduct many appointments by telephone or through videoRead More