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by Deborah Rogers – Our first online Book Club went really well – thank you to everyone who ‘tuned in’. Everyone shared the title and a few thoughts about a book they’ve read recently and I thought I would share that list with you all. As always it’s a varied group of readers which means a varied list of recommendations, but noticeable is how many of us had been reading non-fiction. There’s great enthusiasm to keep the group going as best we can, even if we can’t meet in personRead More

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First Word from the Publisher – Sue Hodgson

Summer is finally here! We’ve all been anxiously waiting for the temperature to rise, the flowers to bloom and our moods to lighten after what feels like a long schlep through winter. As we continue to navigate through this unprecedented time, I’m so grateful to be able to continue publishing Seaside Magazine for our local community.  Not only is Seaside the longest published community magazine on the Saanich Peninsula, but we have some of the longest established clients in the area. We know a business can only be as healthyRead More
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by Martin & Lisa Pedersen, Ecotopia Naturals – It’s like the world hit a giant reset button in 2020. Now it’s time to take a deep breath and decide how we are collectively going to move forward. It is a great time to reassess our buying habits, as consumers will dictate how the economy will look in the future. It is encouraging to hear all the calls to support local, but it may not be obvious that this can extend to the clothes you wear.  Fashion is a massive globalRead More

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Out for a … Heritage Walk

by Sheila Molloy – Mt. Newton Cross Road Heritage Walk From East Saanich Road to West Saanich Road, this is a scenic walk past pioneer sites and magnificent views of the valley fields. A historical brochure is downloadable from the Central Saanich website to take with you as you stroll:  Route Details You can start from the parking lot of the Prairie Inn Pub (7806 East Saanich Road) as the official first heritage site or you can use the alternate start suggested below and come back to this spotRead More
by Tania Tomaszewska – A glass of wine is a great way to armchair travel. Swirl, close your eyes, smell, taste and feel where it takes you.  The journey can take a few different tacks depending on your interests. Perhaps it’s a deep dive into viticulture, farming, geology: thinking about why the winery has chosen its site and grape varieties. Or maybe the art and influence of the winemaker (or choice to intervene as little as possible in the process) intrigues you. You might be looking at the bottle labelRead More