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Creative Space and Hospitality

  story by Barry Mathias photography by www.nuttycake.com At the end of a quiet road, I drive into a landscaped property and park in a wide tiled area in front of a large L-shaped house. The metal roof is multi-angled, embracing a long single storey wing on the left with double garage doors at the end and leading, via a number of wide windows, to the main section. This is a fascinating building, with a windowed stone turret in the apex, and an imposing porch with a large blue frontRead More

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On Design – Interior Design Trends for 2014

Celebrating our uniqueness and individuality has now translated into our homes. More and more people will move.. [Read More]Read More
Layering For Light

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Layering With Light

by Linda M. Langwith Valerie and Paul Woodley fell in love with their seafront property eight years ago. It came with an interesting history – once the site of a home owned by the British actor Sebastian Cabot. Although not available when they first looked, and while life took them in a different direction for a time, they didn’t forget that little piece of paradise and when it went up for sale they leaped at the chance. Award-winning custom home designer Keith Baker of KB Design remembers meeting with theRead More
Nurture Nature

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Nurture, Nature and the Painterly Eye

by Linda M. Langwith The feature home in our December issue is a Deep Cove residence that presents the perfect marriage of classic and contemporary. Fresh, modern and functional, yet wearing the mellowed terracotta patina of a Tuscany pavilion with its emphasis on outdoor living spaces, the residence was designed by the owner to meet the couple’s lifestyle needs. With their family raised and launched, a new chapter in their lives unfolded, offering opportunities to focus on projects dear to their hearts by creating the ideal environment for work andRead More
Living Inside Out and Outside In - Seaside Magazine

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Living Inside Out and Outside In

by Barry Mathias It’s often the case that small “pieces of paradise” are found at the end of a road, and so it is with Robert Steinbach’s waterfront house at the conclusion of Baker Road. His wife, Conny Classen, sums up the effect the first time she arrived at the property: “When I saw the house, I thought how wonderful it would be to live so tranquilly, from inside out and outside in. I loved the openness. The public road gives way to a tightly curving drive that leads backRead More