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  trendspotting by Susi McMillan photography by www.nuttycake.com You On Canvas Follow the latest interior trend and create your own canvas. An effective way to have your loved ones not only in your heart but also in your view. Bowlin Photo is a specialist in digital prints, slide and photo scanning, complete photo restoration and passport photos. (Canvas prints: 8″ x 8″ $25 up to 44″ x 60″ $ 399.) Bowlin Photo 2439 Beacon Ave, Sidney www.bowlinphoto.com Good For You Green Tea is a key biochemical and biological driver forRead More
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West Coast Gardener: Managing Plant Disease

– by Nathan Franklyn, Bartlett Tree Experts – Spring is coming and as your trees and shrubs come out of winter dormancy, so do the diseases and insects that attack them. In the spring the most common disease problems are fungi that thrive in the moist weather and the most common insects that damage trees are caterpillars and aphids. In the Victoria area, fungal diseases like anthracnose can attack many plants, causing distorted leaf growth and defoliation. Dogwoods are severely affected and may actually die from the disease, while otherRead More

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The Importance of Landscaping

– by Barry Mathias – Duane Ensing, the owner and Creative Director of Landscape Solutions, has nearly 20 years of experience. With a degree in Fine Arts, a love of architecture and an intimate knowledge of plants and garden materials, he was an obvious choice for Marcella, who wanted to create in her one-acre grounds a low maintenance garden that would enhance the house. “I first saw the plans for the new building while the original was still in existence,” Duane says. He took into account the structure of theRead More
Interior Design

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Creative Space and Hospitality

  story by Barry Mathias photography by www.nuttycake.com At the end of a quiet road, I drive into a landscaped property and park in a wide tiled area in front of a large L-shaped house. The metal roof is multi-angled, embracing a long single storey wing on the left with double garage doors at the end and leading, via a number of wide windows, to the main section. This is a fascinating building, with a windowed stone turret in the apex, and an imposing porch with a large blue frontRead More

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On Design – Interior Design Trends for 2014

Celebrating our uniqueness and individuality has now translated into our homes. More and more people will move.. [Read More]Read More