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by Anne Miller – How would you describe an amazing host? How about this: someone who welcomes you warmly with a smile; someone who puts you at ease in her home and makes you feel welcome; someone who shares her home with joy and pride; someone who wants to know about you and who listens to you, making you feel significant and interesting. That matters, doesn’t it? Sidney has the good fortune to have such a person in Hazel Phillips, who is among the 60 or 70 visitor counsellors whoRead More

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Behind the Scenes – Portofino Bakery

by Cassidy Nunn – What began as a small, artisan bakery on the Saanich Peninsula has grown exponentially over the years to become one of the largest and best-known local bakery brands: Portofino. Jaap Verbeke, who is still involved with the company as the General Manager, started the bakery as a small retail outlet at the Broadmead Shopping Village. Since then, the wholesale bakery has continued to outgrow its locations, moving several times, until it landed at the current location on the Peninsula, a 23,000-square-foot facility. The company has 145Read More
by Charlotte Musgrave, Peninsula Naturopathic Clinic – The therapeutic effects of massage therapy are understood now more than ever before, and each year more individuals incorporate massage into their regular self care routines. Whether your body is debilitated by constant arthritic aches, a headache that appears when stress levels increase, a muscle injured at the gym or a body that just wants a monthly maintenance “tune up,” massage therapy is beneficial for all body types. Chronic Pain. Dealing with chronic pain is challenging enough, without the additional exhaustion of drivingRead More
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by Paula Kully – NEWS FROM YYJ Time to Build On and UpThe Victoria Airport will be adding a new work of art called “Time Catcher,” by renowned Artist Charles Campbell. The installation is part of the lower passenger lounge expansion to be completed by 2020. The piece includes a 36-foot diameter ring suspended from the ceiling with pieces reminiscent of three-sided wooden vessels based on designs of ships and canoes. Final FlightAfter three years, Delta Airlines is calling it quits. We will say farewell to Delta on September 2,Read More
by Reuben Parker, Cut Cartel Barbers – Old-fashioned shaving is having something of a renaissance. Men’s hair has also begun to embrace the traditional, with styles that wouldn’t look out of place on a 1920’s gentleman topping the list of requested cuts at barbershops. When it comes to grooming, paradoxically, the men of today may have more in common with their grandfathers than their fathers in the style and self-care department. There has also been a huge uptake in the consumption of men’s skin care products, traditionally a largely femaleRead More