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by Dr. Kristen Bovee, Peninsula Naturopathic Clinic and Hydrate IV Wellness Centre – Fibromyalgia (FM) is not a new syndrome; most people have heard of the condition or know someone who has been diagnosed with the disease. A Scottish physician noted the disease in the 1820’s where patients had muscle and joint stiffness, pain, fatigue and disrupted sleep patterns. Standard tender points were also described. It wasn’t, however, until 1981 that the disease was scientifically confirmed and officially noted as a condition by The American College of Rheumatology in 1990.Read More
by Cassidy Nunn – Emily May has been a true “horse girl” from a young age, and began taking riding lessons at seven. When she moved out west to Victoria for university, she was eager to keep horses a part of her life and applied for a part-time job with Victoria Carriage Tours (VCT). In this way, horses continued to be present throughout her undergrad degree at the University of Victoria and while completing her masters in Counselling Psychology. Emily dreamed of pairing her talents with horses along with herRead More
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by Alyssa Madill, Feed the Fire Nutrition & Wellness – So, you’ve been told your hormones are out of balance. Perhaps you suffer with PMS, are going through menopause, or recently came off hormonal birth control? Yes, these conditions involve fluctuations in hormones, and there are imbalances present. But I want you to think of your hormones as markers of your state of health, not the reason for it. Your hormones tell the story of your physiology, and there are many reasons for them to be imbalanced.  Let’s start withRead More
by Stu Rhodes – Sene Underwood could easily be a poster child for the Saanich practice and philosophy of trying to provide our students with a “value added grad.” Though high school graduation occured at the end of June, Sene had already successfully graduated from the year-long Hairstylist training program offered out of our own Studio 63 teaching salon. “This program was absolutely amazing! It prepared me to have a career before I even left high school,” offered Sene. She entered the program part-way through grade 11 and finished upRead More
by Anne Miller – Her career path was inevitable. Alexandra (Lexa) Yates was born into a creative family and has music in her blood. From a tender age, Lexa could be found humming in her stroller before she could even talk. By the time she was three and a half, she was enrolled in Suzuki violin lessons and even spent her lunch hours away from elementary school attending lessons. “I’d have to wolf down my lunch in the car,” she said, all because she loved music that much. It wasRead More