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by Anne Miller – It was back in 1952 that Norman Vincent Peale penned a popular book called The Power of Positive Thinking. His anecdotes show how hopeful and optimistic people build resilience to cope with life’s challenges and so, can more easily bounce back from these setbacks. Our column this month features such a woman and how a positive attitude helps her deal with the effects of Covid-19 on herself and her business. Let me begin by asking you to visualize what things were like before this crisis presentedRead More
by Jo Barnes – “Busy as a bee.” “Hive of activity.” These phrases typically describe industriousness.  They also aptly describe one Saanichton farm which, as well as growing flowers, berries and veggies, features bees on site. “Here, it is constant work that needs your attention,” shares Tirath Dheenshaw of Sol Farms. “I got into beekeeping 10 years ago. I love it.”  Raised on a farm, Tirath is well versed in both the degree of effort and amount of time that goes into tending the land. His farming education began earlyRead More
by Lara Gladych – Who do you turn to when you have a question? Is it Google or Siri, maybe Alexa? At Seaside Magazine we are fortunate to know local experts in all the fields (or we’ll know someone who knows someone), so next time you have a question, Ask Seaside! Each month I’ll take your quandaries and queries and do the research for you. Send your questions Q: I know I’ve likely missed the boat on planting summer veggies, but is there anything I can plant now forRead More
by Joan Saunders & Tania Tomasewska – Born and raised on Vancouver Island, I now can admit that I never liked salmon until my late 20s. The problem was that I never had it prepared in a way I enjoyed until I met a good friend who became my “salmon sensei.” A fisherman and teacher, he taught me that salmon doesn’t need to be complicated and should never, ever be cooked too much or it becomes dry and – according to me in my early years – tastes like sawdust.Read More
by Alyssa Madill, Feed the Fire Nutrition & Wellness – As stress has been on the rise, so have supportive lifestyle suggestions like meditation, more sleep and nature therapy. But what about food? When you make wiser choices, seek support and eat well, you have a greater chance of beating stress. So let’s dive into a vital layer of wellness and consider how nutrition can positively impact mental health. First, let’s talk blood sugar. Blood sugar balance, or glucose regulation, has a strong and often immediate impact on brain functionRead More