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by Tania Tomaszewska – For many, January is hibernation and recovery. For me, it’s recharging the batteries and new learnings. Visiting a winery to experience its story and terroir ticks those boxes; I highly recommend it. As a few stops in Cowichan Valley keep their doors open during this quiet month, why not explore what’s becoming a distinct appellation in our Wine Islands region? Ultimately, wine is about geography. Latitude, geological history and human geography (who’s making this drop and why?) matter and Cowichan Valley has its own combination ofRead More

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Inside Out – Dr. Perkins’ Cure

by Kirsten Emmott, Family Doctor – Here’s news of an exciting medical breakthrough. Some time ago, Dr. Elisha Perkins, a Yale-trained surgeon who co-founded the Connecticut Medical Society, announced that his studies of muscle contractions had led him to the discovery of subtle electrical fields in the human body. Dr. Perkins used metal rods – one brass and one iron – to influence these fields by drawing the rods down the body of a sick person. Pain, he said, is thereby drawn out. Thousands of grateful patients sent him testimonials,Read More

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Stable & Field – Lena McMurtry

by Cassidy Nunn – Miniature horses, aka “minis” and no, not that kind of sporty automobile, look proportionately like a “big” horse that got shrunk in the wash. They are smaller than ponies, the result of centuries of selective breeding and in general stand between 34 to 38 inches at the wither (the bony structure at the base of the horse’s mane). I’ve seen many dogs that are taller than these tiny equines! They are too small to be ridden, but share the same characteristics and instincts of horses, andRead More
by Deborah Rogers – There’s been a quiet revolution in healthcare on the Saanich Peninsula. It’s been needed for many years, and now residents are really starting to feel the benefits. This month I’m heading behind the scenes at Shoreline Medical to see what’s been done, and why it matters so much. I’ve read the dramatic headlines, driven down Bevan Avenue at 8 a.m. on a weekday and seen the Walk-In lineup: I wasn’t sure if I’d be arriving to find chaos. In fact, mid-morning, the Sidney Shoreline Medical centreRead More
by Anne Miller – Hey kids … are you bored at school? Unhappy with yourself? Feeling left out? Well, don’t make any plans just yet to run away and join the circus! For some of you, the circus has come to you! Middle school students on Salt Spring Island have the privilege of joining the circus right in their own school, if they choose, thanks to the dedicated and enthusiastic leadership of Tiffany Wightman. Putting herself into her job is an understatement for describing this esteemed school counsellor. Tiffany isRead More