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Deb’s Day Out – Festive Finery

by Deborah Rogers –  There’s nothing better than a fresh arrangement to add instant decoration to your house: a centrepiece for the dining table or stunning standalone display for an entrance way or mantle. Nurseries and florists, even the grocery stores, seem to be packed with green arrangements, but perhaps you want to make one yourself? Flower arranging seems like a pastime truly from the past. I know my grandmother used to take classes, and was very skilled at making the simplest collection of blooms from the garden look likeRead More
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by Stu Rhodes –  We all take for granted many of the amenities we are able to enjoy as a direct result of the good work tradespeople do on a daily basis. At this time of year in particular, we can be grateful for things like a roof over our heads, running water, and well-lit living spaces. Of the latter, imagine Christmas without lights! Even with power at the pole outside our house, our homes would be in darkness for the majority of the day as we approach the winterRead More
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Common Cents – Strategies for Successful Investing

by Chloe Cross, BMO –  A successful investment plan is built on solid fundamentals. The following strategies cover some of these essential elements and can help you avoid some of the common pitfalls of investing. Define Your Goals and Create a Plan. Before you start putting your money to work, identify your financial needs and define your investment goals – this will help clarify what investment choices are most appropriate for you. Start Investing Early. The sooner you start investing, the longer your money has to grow. If you investRead More
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Seaside Arts Scene

by Gillian Crowley –  There’s variety galore during this festive month. Celebrate the arts during the holidays. Music at The Roost A variety of musical entertainment will be presented each weekend this month at The Roost’s Vineyard Bistro. A festive evening out … plus you don’t have to cook! Artists include Brad Prevedoros, Sean McCool, David & Kathy Hilderman, Robbie Hancock and Two Among Friends (guitar duo). Saturdays and Sundays, 6 to 8 p.m. Gifts by ArtSea Artisans  Last chance to get a unique gift crafted by a localRead More

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In Fashion – Keeping Warm & Dry This Winter

by Cassidy Nunn, Nunn Other Photography –  While we may not get the extreme cold temperatures and snowy days that much of the rest of Canada and other parts of B.C. experience throughout the winter, Victoria is not without its wet-cold days: those days where the dampness cuts right through the layers and chills to the bone. However, dressing appropriately for winter weather can go a long way in your overall comfort out in the elements.  For any good West Coaster’s winter wardrobe, a proper raincoat is a must. LookRead More