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by Karen Elgersma – West Coast Reach Association (REACH!) is a registered charity that celebrates inclusion and diversity of ages, cultures and abilities through the performing arts. The idea for this unique model that combines trained performers with people of diverse abilities and backgrounds is the brainchild of Anne-Marie and Peter Brimacombe, who ran a non-profit arts program in Trinidad and Tobago for six years before coming back to the Peninsula to be closer to family. Peter and Anne-Marie, what was your vision for REACH!? To practice and share someRead More

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COWLAND CHRONICLES – Do You Like it Well Done?

by Chris Cowland – I was an only child, and my mother taught me how to cook from a very early age. We had a natural gas stove in our old 19th Century cottage in England, and by the age of five I was able to light it with matches; no pilot lights or electronic ignition in those days. There was a gas meter above the stove, and you had to stuff sixpenny bits into it to buy a few cubic feet of gas. Many an oven-baked meal was ruinedRead More
by Dr. Marita Schauch, ND – Tall Tree Integrated, Health Centre – As we head into fall, and back to school, there’s a lot of thought that goes into keeping us healthy. When it comes to food, we’re coming out of an abundant summer season and may be thinking … well, now what?Here are some top foods to incorporate into your family’s diet to best support your overall health through the cold and flu season! Garlic. In addition to being delicious, garlic can help support your immune system, reduce bloodRead More
by Deborah Rogers – You’ve almost certainly seen Level Ground coffee at the grocery store – its distinctive packages have the coffee grower’s faces on the front – but what you might not know is that all that coffee is roasted right here on the Saanich Peninsula. Level Ground Trading operates from a unique location on Sean Heights. There’s a welcoming coffee shop and tasting bar with a stunning view over Central Saanich; as well as their regular hot drinks visitors can sample a flight of different coffees or tryRead More
by Lara Gladych – Who do you turn to when you have a question? Is it Google or Siri, maybe Alexa? At Seaside Magazine we are fortunate to know local experts in all the fields (or we’ll know someone who knows someone), so next time you have a question, Ask Seaside! Each month I’ll take your quandaries and queries and do the research for you. Send your questions to Q: Can you please explain the game of pickle ball to me? A: I reached out to the President ofRead More