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On Design: Working With an Interior Designer

by Carly Scholze, Carly Scholze Interiors – 

If you are like most people, hiring an interior designer is a whole new experience. However, it can be a wise investment, particularly for those who do not have the time, skills or patience for creating functional and aesthetically pleasing interiors.

Interior Design is not just about pretty colours and furniture arrangement, though these two do fall under the job description. Designers perform some of the same functions as Architects (though not quite as structurally involved); they produce construction drawings for permit, floor and lighting plans, and assist you with choosing the right finishes that will complement your space and budget.

Combining functionality and style, designers also have better product knowledge of materials and services than the average consumer. Mistakes are annoying but also costly – designers act as consultants, negotiators and quality control personnel. They can hire contractors and even act as mediators when disputes arise (believe it or not, husbands and wives often strongly disagree with each other on matters of home interiors!).

Interior designers are professionals who work for you, with you! Ideas are formulated for your interior/exterior based on your input and overall sense of style. A good designer is there to offer suggestions, but you, the customer, will always have the final say. As an example: if a client wants their family room redone, but is adamant about keeping the brick wall, a good designer will incorporate the brick in a way that fits well with the new look.

I allow the customer to be involved with the project as little or as much as they want to be. Some want me to take over everything, while others want me to take over just the design part, but hire the contractors or select the furniture themselves. As for the budget, Designers are quite familiar with working within budget limits: it’s part of what they do!

When building new homes or commercial and retail spaces, it’s wise to bring in a designer to look at the plans before you start to build. This allows them the opportunity to offer advice concerning room layouts, storage facilities, traffic flow issues, cabinetry, lighting selection, etc, all so that you won’t need to make costly concessional changes after the home is built.

Whether it’s a small project, such as simply selecting new colours for the bedroom, or a larger project like a new construction home, the key to working with a designer is good communication from both sides. Be clear and adamant about what you want or don’t want, use visual aids if possible, discuss budgetary restraints, review your plans, and the experience should be both rewarding and even fun!

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