Fall Décor Three Ways

by Hayley Jackson, Viane Designs & Styling

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With all the time I’ve had to spend inside since the pandemic began, I’ve found myself getting bored of my current décor, especially something as front and centre as the fireplace. Why not jazz it up with some beautiful seasonal pieces for fall? There are such wonderful colours in nature to draw from for inspiration that are not your typical orange and black. 

If your house is rustic, try putting a lovely wheat bouquet or dried flower arrangement from one of the many farm stands found on the Peninsula in a funky old vase or vintage amber bottle. When looking for great vintage finds, Steptoe Services’ auctions are a great place to spot some unique pieces. 

If the minimal look is your thing, try using some beautiful ceramic vases with different-coloured foliage from around your yard or neighbourhood. You could also support a small business and get some handcrafted cement pumpkins like I did from Rock and Rain Creations! 

Or, go a little moodier with a fresh bouquet of burgundy dahlias in a low vase with some mirrors, candlesticks and twisty branches. 

Think about mixing textures such as fuzzy, prickly, smooth, shiny and matte; it’s more interesting for your eye. Play with different heights of accent pieces on your mantle. I’m also a sucker for adding throw pillows (like the ones you can rent from The Housse) and creating a little reading nook next to a fireplace or somewhere to have your tea. Gather some pillows that match the mood you’re trying to set and perhaps an area rug, but make sure that the vent of the fireplace isn’t blocked. 

If your fireplace is purely decorative, you can always fill the inside with candles, books or firewood rounds. You can also add a nice basket to hold either your firewood or your throw pillows and blanket when they aren’t in use, or even some beautiful fall plants. 

And always support local, everything used in this photoshoot is from local vendors or made in Victoria, on the Saanich Peninsula or the Gulf Islands. It’s amazing what beautiful and sustainable things can be found locally.

Not sure where to start? Visit http://www.vianedesigns.com. 

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