First Word from the Publisher

by Sue Hodgson

Celebrate the everyday moments. I keep reminding myself of this, especially at the end of a really long day. With Thanksgiving around the corner, it causes me to pause and reflect on how lucky my life has been. Sure there have been many rough patches, but I have nothing to complain about.

Every day there is an opportunity to learn or succeed where you haven’t before. Really, there are no ordinary moments. There is always something in our lives to look forward to, or to reflect upon from the past. We need to celebrate, whether it’s a simple smile from a little one, a gorgeous day, a full moon or a visit from your four-legged friend!

We are still in a bit of flux with respect to Covid but in my heart I know we will see better days ahead. I think more than ever this is a time to celebrate the connections of love with our family, friends and neighbours, maybe even the people you haven’t met yet. It’s often easy to forget many of the little things we have to be grateful for in our lives; I know I have to remind myself several times but it’s important to not take them for granted. I was really pleased to read Marita Schauch’s words in her “The Natural Path” column this month (pg 39): “there are many benefits of living a grateful life, and cultivating gratitude as a way of being, that science is just beginning to explore.”

After each issue of Seaside Magazine is published I feel I have to pinch myself and say: “Wow, we did it again!” Every month we get to go on this ridiculous ride and produce something we are all so proud of. So at the end of those long, tiring days I’m reminding myself that I’m so very grateful about being able to do this every month, and words cannot express how equally grateful I am for my team and the community that loves to read each issue.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

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