Last Word from the Editorial Director

by Deborah Rogers – 

Summer, tantalisingly close, coming soon, so soon, calls to me with the promise of adventure. When the heat of the day draws out the smell of cut grass, or wild honeysuckle, or the salty tang of driftwood strewn beaches, I’m flooded with past memories. Picnics, hikes, boat trips; paddling in the ocean, getting sunburned tubing down the Cowichan River, and of course the crackle and community of the campfire.

Learning about the Duke of Edinburgh Award program this month (pg 49) started some great conversations and reminiscences. One required component for every participant is the Adventurous Journey, and when I spoke to those involved, as participants or volunteers, these Journeys really stood out as defining moments. Memories were made and usually shared with others. They faced challenges, pushed themselves, and sometimes things went wrong, which only became part of the learning and story told afterwards.

After our cold and wet spring I am itching to get out and do almost anything! We’re spoiled for choice living here, with the potential for some really wild and epic adventures. But I don’t think epic is essential, more that you have to be willing to step off the beaten path (whatever that looks like for you) and tread somewhere new. I almost feel a little envious of those new residents or first time visitors who might get to experience a trip to Sidney-spit, sunset picnic on Chalet Beach, or early morning hike to the top of Mount Finlayson for the first time this summer. Sometimes the adventure isn’t even the best part, it’s the feeling of finishing it!

Summer, when it finally comes, brings opportunities. There’s that short window of long daylight hours and fine weather. Adventure will look different for everyone but we can assume it will always involve the key ingredient of being something we wouldn’t normally do, and might take us outside our day-to-day life. What we all share is the fact that our opportunities for adventure are finite – we need to make every summer count! Get out there; have fun; tell your friends and share the experience.


Photo by Janis Jean Photography. Clothing provided and styled by Cottons and Blues. For more, visit

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