Last Word with Allison Smith

New Year; New You; over and over again I’ve read those words or the idea behind them in the preceding pages. Of course January marks the new year, and with that comes a time of reflection for the past and resolution for the future. In this issue we’ve offered suggestions for revamping everything from your financial affairs and wardrobe to finally tackling that jammed junk drawer.

I’m not really one for resolutions, as they just never seem to stick, so this January I’ve simply decided to set some “goals” (I know, I know: tomato, tomahto). As most of you know, I’ve returned from maternity leave recently and I finally feel like I’m beginning to hit my stride again at Seaside. The last few months have certainly been a time of transition, and that evolution is ongoing, but I’m finding it easier now to strike the right balance between working and being at home with my daughter. My goal for 2016 is to build on the feeling of balance and organization that will keep me on top of everything … or if not “on top,” just not at the bottom would be achievement enough!

My other major goal for the year is to get my financial house in order. Our special feature has done a great job of reminding me how important this is, and with a year of living on a very tight budget (aka mat leave) behind me, the time is right to plan for the future.

I have one specific Seaside-related goal: to start a new feature in my column. Every month I plan to talk about a few things I learned, or found interesting, in that issue. Perhaps it will alert you to an article you’d missed, or maybe it will just be a little bit of insight into me!

Here it is. Hey, I guess I can check one “goal” off my list already! Hope you enjoy, and Happy New Year!

Things I Learned This Month
Local organization Helping Homeless Cats places “congenial” rescued adult cats with cat-loving seniors and the disabled who otherwise couldn’t afford a pet, covering the cost of food, supplies and veterinary care. p. 58

The 10/10/10 Challenge: a step toward having a decluttered home this year! p. 51

Total debt held by Canadians has skyrocketed from $586.1 billion in 1999 to $1.3 trillion in 2012. p. 10

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