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by Andi Hook, Hook & Hook Renovations –  Designing the “Heart of the Home” takes lots of effort, but in the end it’s worth it! Let’s start with the overall look you want to achieve; I always do 2D and 3D plans for my clients so they can see what their space will look and feel like in real-time. Some of the questions I like to ask are: Do you want simple shaker doors or something with more detail? Crown moldings? Inlay cabinetry or European-style full overlay? Do you wantRead More

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Stories from the Sky

  by Jo Barnes –  “The Victoria International Airport is a busy place where people come and go as daily flights arrive and depart. Travellers move with determination to make connections or wait anxiously for loved ones to arrive. Airports are places of joy and sadness, departures and reunions. Everyone has a story, and it’s here that we’ll be sharing some of them.“ Just a few years ago, people travelling long distances had to depend on a travel agent to arrange their accommodation, usually in some sort of hotel. NowRead More
  by Janice Henshaw –  As the summer nights begin to shorten, we may discover that we can’t push and prod our expanded outdoor furniture and camping equipment into their winter storage slots. In houses with ample built-in cabinets and large garages, this may not be a problem, but for those of us who live in more minimalist housing, finding space for our treasures can be a real pain in the derrière. If we plan on staying in our current home, what can we do to create more storage? RenovatingRead More
by Tracey Jones and Stacey Kaminsky –  It’s a sign of the times. Home prices are skyrocketing. People are either downsizing and editing their “stuff” into a much smaller space, or renovating their existing home to create long-term solutions – optimizing their space without expanding their footprint. Storage in today’s world is big business. You may be frustrated with failed systems. You just want to feel good when you walk into your home. You are stressed. Sound familiar? The key to getting it right is really defining your family’s needs. WhoRead More
by Cam Oddie, Peninsula Landscape Supplies –  Clay is made up of very small, long, flat particles densely sandwiched together to form the deposits you have come to loathe in your garden. However, it’s these long flat particles that make clay an actual benefit to your soil and to your plants. These particles are negatively charged (ions), so you can think of them as little magnets that attract and hold onto positively charged nutrients (cations) such as potassium, calcium and magnesium, making them available to your plants’ roots. So, clayRead More