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Ask A Stylist

by Shai Thompson, House of Lily Koi – 

February Style Tip: Not all reds are created equal. As we move into the season of love and Valentine’s Day, we think about investing in a splash of red to celebrate love. If you are a “spring,” vibrant tomato, poppy and watermelon reds are perfect for your skin tone. For summer tones, reds that have a splash of pink as well as deep wine and burgundy tones are best. Autumn rocks softer rusty reds, and vibrant reds with a hint of orange. If you are a winter, scarlet red and deep saturated burgundies are your best colours. Whether you are choosing a dress or a lipstick, get your red on and love thyself. If you reel from red, rock the pink palette; this will please cupid. Happy Valentine’s Day! xox

I need to refresh my T-shirts and I’m tired of always having to buy new every year because they start to look tired. I am aware of my responsibility to our environment, so what lines would you recommend that have style and staying power? I love that you are conscious of what goes into our landfills. I would like to address fabrics first. Any natural fabrics like cotton, linen and bamboo, to mention a few, are biodegradable. Some of my favorite T-shirt brands are James Perse, Vince and Velvet for the quality, for style and overall feel of the fabrics.

My bottom is rather plump compared to my upper body that is slim. How can I dress my body shape best? “Fat bottom girls make the rockin’ world go round.” Lucky you: the Kardashians are making a killing off their voluptuous backsides. Let me give you some language to use when describing your body shape; you have what we call an A shape or pear shape. Shoulder pads will give you a stronger shoulder that balances out the bottom half of your body. A few wardrobe changes can make all the difference. Try this: A-line dresses, draw attention to your torso with bold patterns, and layer and accessorize with a bold presentation.

Should I go ahead and buy a jacket that I can’t do up? YES! Talk about getting treed by a squirrel! All day long, I see women leaving behind the perfect denim, leather or suede jacket because it won’t do up, despite the fact that they wouldn’t be wearing it as shelter from weather, but as a stylish layer. How many of you do up your jean jacket? If you can’t remember, go to your closet now and try on a few of your jackets. Ask yourself this question: “How often do I do this jacket up when I am wearing it?” 99% of you do not do up your jacket! I watch you, I observe you and see how people actually wear the product they buy. So please, if you love the jacket, just buy it!

I have finally met the love of my life and want to make our first Valentine’s Day together as special as she is, HELP?! First of all CONGRATULATIONS you lucky man! Sure the chocolates are yummy and the roses are beautiful but come on … this is your time to shine and really show your lover how much she means to you! Remember it’s the thought that counts. Does she love a unique experience like a personal stylist for the day, or a vintage Sherman jewelry set her grandmother once had? Whatever it is she likes, take the day to acknowledge that and make it a unique experience for both of you lovebirds. Don’t forget to end it off with lingerie and bubbles.

I’ve seen and heard a lot about white booties or pumps recently; what’s your take on this trend? There is trend and there is style. These are a fun fresh playful expression for any age. I’m seeing these in boots that resemble vintage looks from the ’60s and ’80s. My favourite is the white ankle bootie. This look rocks the wide leg crop denim with a high rise waist, thin belt, and T-shirt and leather jacket. If you love the look and feel confident in it, then go try yourself on for size.



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