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West Coast Gardener: Why Mulch is So Right

– by Colin Eaton, Garden City Tree and Landscape Ltd. – Contrary to the saying “everything in moderation,” you can never have enough top dressing of mulch. Mulch is more beneficial the more you use. A good mulching job will have the following benefits: • hinders weed germination and growth; • holds in soil moisture, which means less frequent watering; • protects soil from erosion; • adds nutrients to your garden as it breaks down; • reduces soil compaction; • helps maintain a more even soil temperature; and • provides anRead More

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Why Permaculture?

– by Gillian Crowley – After talking with Solara Goldwynn of Hatchet and Seed Edible Landscaping, I’m going to take a critical second look at my modest vegetable garden and large swath of lawn. Solara and her partner, Tayler Krawczyk, are strong proponents of permaculture, a design method that integrates patterns and strategies found in nature to guide the development of resilient human-scale systems. The term “Permaculture” suggests both “permanent agriculture” and societal “culture.” Its applications and ethics are a natural fit for those who want to “act locally butRead More
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West Coast Gardener: Fighting the War on Wasps

– by Jennifer Hill, SeaSide Home & Garden Gift Shop – I know what you’re saying to yourself: Why would anybody write about wasps in March when there are none around? Simple: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! In the early spring (as early as now) the mated queen wasps come out of hibernation and start setting up their new “homes.” They take up to two weeks looking for the right spot and when they decide to “settle” they begin building their hives and laying theirRead More
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On Design: Lookin’ For Love

– by Ann Squires Ferguson, Squires Ferguson – We as designers are expected to be the never-ending wellspring of creativity, but there are days when – at least for me – the well simply runs dry. I’ve been mired in tendering or project management, and find myself utterly without inspiration. Then the terror sets in – what if I have simply run out of good ideas? Is this, finally, the end of what has been a fairly good run? Before retraining to be a dolphin trainer, though, I try toRead More

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The Art of Restoration and Improvement

  – article by Barry Mathias; photography by www.nuttycake.com – At first sight the house is unremarkable: set in three quarters of an acre on a quiet road, it appears to be a single story, well built and with a landscaped front garden of mature trees and bushes. The short drive down a slight slope leads to a small parking area with a single attached garage at one side of the building; a concrete path curves to the front door to the right. However, once the door opens, everything changes. TomRead More